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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation JACKHAMMER Nov 2-4


Double whammy for ME3 ops this week!  Tomorrow marks the start of another operation:

Operation JACKHAMMER (Nov. 2nd – 4th)

Event Description: Data collected by our combat drones has identified key enemy strongholds. Over the next few days, we go on the offensive as small biotic strike teams hit a number of strategically significant targets.

Individual Goal: Earn 75,000 points using biotic charge on any map at any difficulty. Points are cumulative across matches. Extraction not required.

Reward: Commendation Pack

Man, they really want us to use that new Batarian Vanguard, huh?  People say the character is awesome but it just doesn’t really suit my play style.  It IS really killer against Phantoms and Dragoons though – one charge followed by a heavy melee is enough to take one down.

Will you be doing this challenge?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I usually don’t play as vanguard unless I’m the host. I have thinked to undust my N7 Assasin for this weekend, but I think the battlemaster krogan a.k.a. “Light Speed Train” will do it better…

  2. Did it on gold with the original human. Didn’t shoot any guns or use anything but charge. I suppose I could have used the Krogan, but I’m sick of him and I hate all the aliens anyway. This game is getting boring now tha halo is out. The challenge is probably so Eric fagnan can be a douche and nerf something. He’s a caveman of a developer.

  3. Ok, last waves I’ve played I did it with the batarian vanguard and I tried the charge+heavy melee combo… just awesome! Cheap, I know, but still awesome. I even could deal with Scions using this combo and all other enemies where just cannon fodder for me. I guess what could happen with a ghost…

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