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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation VALKYRIE October 26-28


So, the details for this weekend’s operation are out:

Individual Goal: Earn 50,000 points using N7 promotional weapons (Valiant, Hurricane, Crusader, Eagle) on any map at any difficulty. The four weapons may be used in combination. Points will be cumulative. Extraction is not required.

Reward: Commendation Pack

Other: The N7 Valkyrie assault rifle will be added to the list of possible commendation pack items.

Well, you could easily get 50,000 points by soloing one Bronze match.  I will be using the Valiant and/or Hurricane myself.  Also, I wonder how good the Valkyrie AR will be – I assume since it’s going to be a commendation pack item, its rarity will be on par with the other N7 promotional weapons.  Knowing my luck, I won’t get it for ages like the Valiant.

I do find it a little strange/funny that you need an N7 weapon to complete the challenge … to win an N7 weapon – not everyone has one, after all.  I guess it sucks to be new to the game.

Will you be participating in this weekend’s challenge?  Let me know in the comments!

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    • LOL it does suck for new players. I have everything unlocked Im just working on maxing out my ultra rare weopons. I’ll be going with the valiant and hurricane

  1. It’s the Hurricane for me. 3 or 4 platinum matchs should be more than enough to get the 50.000 points. By the way, you have a very nice site, I like specially the little “tricks” you share with us and the builds, that are great.

  2. I will probably use all those guns depending on the character I use. I also have the same problem with N7 cards, spend close to 5 million in credits before I get one and even then it is for an N7 gun I never use. Not to mention the regularity that I get disconnected from the EA server and no compensation for all the time and effort put into the game it makes it difficult to complete the weekend challenges. How ever it is still a good multiplayer game, but the programmers need to get over them selves.

  3. you can unlock the gun in the ini file or play the japanese emulator (pc). It’s been out for the whole summer. it’s an okay gun. They can’t catch you for cheating. It’s so easy to bypass everything. or better yet just get the patches as they add new things (all the characters coming for the rest of this year and the weapons are in the ini. On the say they first released the volus all the characters showed and when you look in the pc versions files you can find entries for the new weapons/content not yet released.

  4. Completed the Weekend Op using the N7 Valiant. Got the new N7 Valkyrie in my commendation pack, but haven’t tried it out yet. Good luck to those who have yet to complete the Op!

    • Valiant is actually an awesome sniper, aim, scope, fire, dead, repeat. It has inbuilt stability so If you line up out of scope, then scope it actually stays perfectly still for a second. As for the hurricane, I use it all the time now, give it a stability mod and armour piercing and it becomes a deadly weapon. I use it to eat atlas armour. Been owning the scoreboards with my volus adept since using the hurricane on silver. I use him really effectively, like midfight if I see an enemy going to melee a teammate I use my heavy melee to stun it, then cloak and hurricane then to death. (i know cloak doesnt add buffs, but it gives you the time you need to line up shots, plus it recharges pretty quick.) My volus spends alot of time cloaked.

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