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Mass Effect 3: 24 October Multiplayer Balance Changes


So, this week the new Asari Valkyrie Sentinel was released.  Tech Armor, Annihilation Field, and Warp seem like a strange combo to me, though.  Can’t say I’m super excited about it.

There were also a lot of enemy buffs and nerfs, mostly for the Bronze/Silver levels.  The most significant for Gold/Platinum players was the Geth Prime nerf for spawning turrets and drones and the HP buff for Brutes.

On the player side, a lot of things changed make me very sad. The Destroyer’s Missile Launcher power received a slight damage buff and the shield penalty was decreased, but it’s Devastator mode evolutions are now weaker, WTF?   The Demolisher also faced some nerfing with its pylon not spawning ammo/grenades as quickly and not granting as much of a damage bonus, WTF?  Also completely unnecessary.

I’m actually pretty annoyed at this week’s changes, other than the Drell’s damage buffs.  Click here to see all the changes in detail.

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  1. Learn to read… They did NOT nerf tactical cloak’s movement speed. They nerfed the Geth Hunter’s cloaked speed which is a good thing

  2. Drell buffs are super cool. But I thought the Destroyer was pretty balanced the way it was, I didn’t think they had to nerf Devastator Mode any more. Oh well. They increased Cryo Explosion damage too, meaning the Paladin is even more amazing than he was before.

  3. The nerfs values aren’t that big in numbers, but yeah, pretty unnecessary. =/
    The Asari Valkyrie Sentinel seems pretty interesting, even though I’m not a huge fan of Sentinels except for the N7 Paladin.

  4. Best part about the new Asari? The 6/6/6/6/6 glitch works with her too!! :) (Thanks to you and your awesome site for all you do!!)

      • I cant wait to start owning baddies with her. I know it sounds crazy but I may try a build that doesnt use warp. Im thinking of trying a build that allows her to use 2 big weapons, maybe sniper/shotgun or AR/shotgun.
        Spec the armour for defence, and AF for speed and damage.
        Like I said it sounds crazy lol but you never know.
        I did a similiar thing with the kroguard, got rid of charge and spec Carnage for massive armour damage, berzerk for def, and barrier for def. He has insane barriers and rarely goes down, I can stand on grenades and have it barely scratch me its awesome.

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