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Mass Effect 3: Best Character Builds by the Number – Turian Ghost Infiltrator


The Turian Ghost Infiltrator may be the new Geth Infiltrator in terms of damage buffs.  Use this spec before Bioware invariably nerfs the hell out of it:

Best Build: 4/6/6/6/4

Click here to see the build and stats:

Q:  Why put any points into Overload?

A:  One word – explosions!

Now that Bioware has made it so that you can make Fire and Cryo explosions without having to kill the enemy, having chain Overload is massively useful.  Not only does it stun enemies, but you just have to spray Cryo or Incendiary ammo into a crowd, fire Overload once, and you’ll get explosions everywhere!  If you’re playing on Platinum with Incendiary ammo, that means an additional 1000-2000 points of damage depending on the enemy (see here for full list of combo damage points: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AplMRQNEVa05dER4LUJlNHVYbXpzSDdzTjdMb0pTNnc#gid=0).

Q:  How should I spec Stimulant Packs?

A: Shields, shields, and more shields!

Here is the difference in DPS between spec’ing for shields vs. damage (assumes Harrier X equipped w/High Velocity Barrel V and Extended Barrel V, Assault Rifle Rail Amp, Warfighter Package V, assumes you have both Cloak and Stim Pack active):

Shields 20 407.28 1 550 0 0.67 2856.283
Damage 20 426.7 1 550 0 0.67 2992.477

Notice how there is only a 136 point difference in DPS between spec’ing for shields vs. damage – less than a 5% increase.  Now look at the difference in shields when you spec for shields rather than damage – you go from +2000 shields to +4000 shields!  Huge difference.  4000 shields added makes you virtually indestructible.

Q:  What gear should I equip?

A:  Warfighter Package or Grenade Capacity!

You refill your Stimulant Packs the same way as you do grenades – any gear with grenade upgrades applies to your Stimulant packs.  I like the Warfighter Package because you can carry 2 extra grenades and do 12% more assault rifle damage at rank V.  With this build, it means you can carry 4 total Stimulant Packs, which should be more than enough if you’re running from ammo box to ammo box – if not, you can carry up to 7 Stim Packs with Grenade Capacity V.

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  1. Yeah this is the build i use, it’s great, love the jetpack. Didn’t the stimulant DPS change from damage to shields was so small but glad to know i made the right choice :3

  2. Thank you, recently unlocked it and have tried two builds so far, will try the Typhoon now thanks for the advice Girplaysgames.

    Btw does the tool you use to set up these builds get updated stats after balance changes have been applied?

  3. Where are u getting the DPS numbers from…. according to the stem pack description we should get over 20% weapon damage?

  4. Your build uses both the Extended Barrel V AND High Velocity Barrel V? I tried doing this, but it doesn’t allow me to use both. Or am I just missing something obvious here?

  5. Can you maybe update this for the full DPS on this guy? Because from what I saw, it sorta looks like the geth infiltrators is stronger. Please write back.

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