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Mass Effect 3: Regular vs. Premium Spectre Pack Comparison


UPDATE: I have spent about 5M more credits since this post and have updated results – click here to see them!

Ok, I promised to do a little experiment to decide once and for all what is better, the Spectre Pack (SP) or Premium Spectre Pack (PSP).  I saved up around 3,000,000 credits and bought 16 PSP’s and 26 SP’s.  NOTE:  I already have everything (weapons, characters, etc) up to Rare unlocked to the max level or customization, with the exception of some Gear.

I bought 10 of each first and here were my initial results:

As you can see, the main difference in the first 10 SP/PSP is that I got a lot more Gold (Level IV) Equipment with the PSP.  I got an Ultra Rare Weapon in both the PSP and SP, with an M-77 Paladin IV in a PSP and Particle Rifle III in a SP.  Both gave me equal amounts of Disposable Equipment (ie. Medi-Gel, Missiles, etc.).

10 Pack Analysis:  The SP is cheaper and I got the same number of Ultra Rares from both.  10 SP = 600k credits while 10 PSP = 990k … with the additional credits I spent on 10 PSP, I could have gotten 6.5 more SP’s.

But, a sample size of 10 is not representative, so I went on to buy more packs.  I ended up with 16 PSP’s and 26 SP’s, which were about equal in total price – 1,584,000 credits for PSP’s vs. 1,560,000 credits for SP’s.  Here are the results:

I got a significantly greater number of Silver (Level III) Equipment packs and Disposable Equipment with the SP’s, as well as another Ultra Rare weapon, the Cerberus Harrier VI.  I also got more Character Training with the SP’s.


I actually got more Ultra Rare weapons with the SP than the PSP, spending the same amount of money on both, even though the PSP claims to give you a higher chance at Ultra Rares.  I also got more Character Training cards (good for fast N7 rank increases) and Disposable Equipment with the SP.  Lastly, in terms of Equipment, I got almost the same number of Gold (Level IV) Equipment in both packs, and significantly more Silver (Level III) Equipment with the SP.

If you look at just the Disposable Equipment, you would have to purchase a Jumbo Equipment Pack in addition to your PSP to get the same amount, adding another 30k to the total spend of the PSP’s.  Additionally, you get almost the same amount of Level IV Equipment and more than double the amount of Level III Equipment.  Lastly, there doesn’t seem to be a difference in the chance at getting an Ultra Rare weapon – in fact, the regular SP gave me two vs. the one in the PSP.

Do you have any data to add to mine?  Let me know in the comments or via email!

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  1. Your an idiot , u can’t say spectre is better based off buying more of them . Of course u would get more from spectre if u bought more packs retard . Also it will be different for other people , they will get better or worse weapons . Not a fair test or even a logical one .

    • No need to be rude. First of all, it’s “you’re an idiot” not “your an idiot”. Second, I calculated value per pack, meaning how many credits spent per item, not how many packs purchased. Because Spectre packs only cost 60K and PSP’s cost $99K, it wouldn’t make sense to buy equal numbers of each pack because the overall value is different. Please try to understand basic statistics and math (not to mention grammar!) before you start insulting someone.

  2. This is really useful, thank you. So much money wasted on PSPs! My husband and I are gonna start just getting the regulars now.

    (I’m sorry that you got insulted for being intelligent; please know that those of us who can read data appreciate the value of the tests you’ve run for our gaming enjoyment!)

  3. Looks like i am with you. i maxed all my gear till gold. only ultra rare weapons are pending. i bought like close to 40 PSP and i got only 2 ultra rare weapons. this time i will go with SP and see if they can get me more.

  4. Hi your sample size of 16/26 isn’t much higher than 10/10 and isn’t really that large enough to get a good indication, you’d probably need to get hundreds of each pack for some reliable data. still you nice you attempted to show something though. :)

    I really wish bioware put out some info on drop rate % form their $tore. Wouldn’t made more from it..

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