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The Real Cost of Dragonvale, or How to Get Every Dragon in Less Than an Hour


There’s a reason why Dragonvale is one of the Top Grossing iTunes apps of all time – the game is well-designed, addictive, and constantly updated with new things.

Here are the basics – you build an island with dragon habitats and breed different dragons together to make new, cooler dragons.  There are 74 dragons available as of right now, but more are added every week.

When you breed a dragon, it lays an egg which then must be incubated.  This takes time, which can be sped up with Gems.  In fact, you don’t have to breed dragons at all – you can buy their eggs in the in-app marketplace using Gems as well.

So how do you get every dragon unlocked immediately in Dragonvale?

To get every dragon ever released, it would cost 48,871 Gems.  The game lets you buy 3750 Gems for $99.99.

So to get every dragon right now, spend $1303.10!  That’s how much buying one of every dragon egg will cost you in the Marketplace.  Yes, that’s REAL money.

But, if you want those eggs hatched immediately, you can throw in another $27.20 to use Gems to incubate the eggs.  What’s another few dollars on top of the 1.3k you already spent?

The good news about Dragonvale is that if you are patient, you can get every dragon in the game for free.  I’ve been playing for about three months and I have nearly every dragon unlocked in the game, including the rare Gemstone dragons and limited time dragons.  So for those of you who don’t have a cool grand tucked away for Dragonvale, here are the best sites that help you in Dragonvale:

1.  Macenstein’s Ultimate Dragonvale Breeding Guide


This website has everything you could ever want to know about breeding dragons.  It also has the quickest updates when new dragons are released, so you can find out what to breed immediately.

2.  Dragonvale Breeding Sandbox


I use this all the time.  It lets you pick two dragons and see what possibilities you can breed.  It also is updated frequently with the best combinations you can use to achieve your goal.

3.  Dragonvale Wikia


This has everything you ever wanted to know about the entire game, including fan art, developer information, and easter eggs.

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