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Mass Effect 3: N7 Operation Olympus Update


As most ME3 Online Multiplayer fans know, this weekend 10-12 August is another N7 Operation.  It actually starts in 20 minutes, perfect timing to post this then start playing!  Here are the details for Operation Olympus:

Squad Goal: Full extraction from Firebase London using any Kit on any difficulty

Allied Goal: Using any Kit/ Map combination against any enemy, complete wave 10 on a combined community total of 200,000 Bronze missions, 175,000 Silver missions and 70,000 Gold missions.

Well, the Squad Goal is really easy.  The Allied goal also seems easy enough, especially as most people wipe after Wave 10 anyway because they got the money.  But the number of missions seems a little ambitious.  I mean, almost half a million missions to Wave 10 this weekend?  It also irks me because I like to play on Platinum and there is nothing about Platinum in the goal.  Do Platinum matches just not count?

So, here’s what I have going in to this weekend in terms of unlocked weapons, mods, gear, and characters.  I have all the characters unlocked to the highest level of customization and all the weapon mods unlocked and upgraded to the highest level (V).  All of my Uncommon, Common, and Rare guns are unlocked to the highest level (X) and I have every Ultra Rare unlocked except the Typhoon (which they nerfed anyway, so I’m don’t feel like I’m missing out).  Most of my gear is maxed out to level V as well.

I’m hoping to get the Typhoon this weekend, just to be able to say I have every Ultra Rare weapon.  But I’d be equally happy with a Cerberus Harrier VI or a Valiant III.  I’d even take a Wraith X so that I never get that stupid gun again in any of my packs!  (Seriously, Bioware – stop giving me Wraiths that I never use!)

Here are pics of my Multiplayer Manifest (click to see them bigger):

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