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Mass Effect Modding Tutorial: Links


Here are links to other modders whose work has both helped and inspired me to mod!  If you want to be added to this list, just post a comment and I’ll check out your blog!


Otte’s Workshop – Otte has amazing tutorials for Mass Effect … if my tutorial wasn’t enough for you, try Otte’s blog!

Elemods – Ele has great tutorials as well that cover a lot of the basic gibbed stuff that I skipped over.  Read her blog!

Mod Makers:

Poophairjones – some of the BEST Mshep mods I’ve ever seen! Seriously, you can all thank me later for introducing you.

User-domain-error/PTSDgirl – Terri has the most creative mods you’ll ever find for Mass Effect.  Go check her stuff out!

Elemods – Ele makes beautiful hair, face, and body mods.  She is one of my modding heroes!

Farkas4ever – This is Ele’s Tumblr … you should follow it immediately.

Nerdykani – Great custom hairs and outfits for Mass Effect.  Again, another modding hero!

Kanihime – This is Kani’s Tumblr … you need this in your life.

Otte’s Workshop – besides having awesome tutorials, Otte posts some pretty swanky mods for Shepard.  Check them out!

Ottemis – This is Otte’s Tumblr … follow her!

Nameislooney – In addition to making hair mods, she posts the best screen caps of her Shepard (who happens to be one of the most beautiful Shepards I’ve ever seen)

Andrastesanctifiedgirdle – This chick has great custom Sheps and a lot of great, unique mods … I don’t know if she shares the mods, but they’re fun to look at!

Masseffectmods – A good general resource for modding Mass Effect.

KurauAmami – this mod goddess is the creator of my personal favorite and most used mod, the Cropped Tank Top for Femshep!  Check out her page for more amazing goodies!


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