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Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer – Double Ammo One-Hit-Kill Gold Match Glitch


We’re a few weeks into ME:A and the general feedback I’ve heard so far is that the online cooperative multiplayer is really unbalanced. Weapons that should be ultra rare are actually full of suck, and powers/combos are totally nerfed. Well, if you’re looking for balance, you found it here first – introducing the Double Ammo OHK Glitch!

Did you know you can actually equip TWO of the same type of consumable ammunition? The game thinks you fire TWO bullets at once, and both do extra damage and prime the target. So, basically you can one-hit-kill almost anything in the game on Gold if you hit them in a weak point and use the right character. My preference is for the Salarian Infiltrator with Vanquisher and cloak and damage bonus. I mean, it’s no “missile glitch” for you ME3 vets out there, but it’s pretty damn fun :)

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Equip your first ammo consumable.
  2. Go to your next slot and equip your second ammo consumable. I like mixing disruptor and incendiary ammo.
  3. Now you’ll see that it looks like your first ammo consumable was unequipped in your screen. FALSE! Press Y to view your squad’s loadout and you’ll see that you have TWO ammos equipped!
  4. That’s it! Now you can go around one shot killing everything, weeeeeeee! Every little mook should die with OHK and the armored and bigger guys should fall in 2-4 hits depending on if your aim is terrible like mine.

Now, the question is – can you do this for every consumable? Well, I’ve wasted my own consumables trying to answer that question and the answer is … maybe? Here are the combinations I’ve tested:

  1. Salarian Infiltrator, Vanquisher, Incendiary Ammo + Disruptor Ammo – takes down shields AND armor, double bullet damage, insaaaaaaaaaane. You can definitely tell the difference with double ammo.
  2. Asari Duellist, Charge fully spec’d out, and two Power Efficiency mods – zoom around the map killing everything and basically never die because your shields replenish every time you charge. I felt like the recharge speed stacked because I was hitting Charge every half second, but who knows.
  3. Asari Adept, Annihilation spec’d to do 20% extra damage from all sources, Equalizer with melee mod, and two Strength Enhancer mods – this is basically “Punch Everyone Til They’re Dead” mode. I didn’t really feel like the melee mods stacked, but it’s hard to tell ‘cuz this character is pretty strong to begin with.
  4. Salarian Infiltrator, Vanquisher, Sniper Rifle Rail Amp 3 + 4 – the weapon mods definitely did NOT stack. I couldn’t even one-shot a mook.
  5. Asari Duellist with two Biotic Amps – this did NOT stack!

Ok, so there you have it. If anyone has a definitive answer to if the power, weapon, and other consumables stack, let me know in comments!


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