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Fallout 4: Best Mods of Week 18 – poses and mannequins, oh my!


Just what I need, moar settlement mods! This week, there are a couple awesome crafting mods that you just have to have right meow.

Girlplaysgame’s Top Fallout 4 Mods: Week 18

Fallout4 2016-03-16 20-46-08-65

Craftable Display Mannequins

This mod is exactly what it sounds like. But instead of those creepy dead-eyed mannequins you see in game, these are actually real live human looking characters (or super mutant or dog or robot etc.) that you can dress up like Real Dolls or leave naked. You know, because you’re creepy. Hehehe. You can also pose them in limited ways which is great for screencaps. AND my favorite is that you can even craft a duplicate of yourself to pose and dress in all sorts of different outfits!

Fallout4 2016-03-16 20-18-41-86

Crafting Fury – Buildable Armor Stands

Again, this is exactly what it sounds like. Armor stands that display the various outfits in Fallout for you. Unfortunately, you can’t add your own modded outfits to these, but maybe someday.

Fallout4 2016-03-16 20-23-10-46

Teddy Bear Backpack

Nothing says you mean business like a fucking teddy bear strapped to your back. I’M COMING FOR YOU, BROTHERHOOD OF STEEL!


Visible Companion Affinity

Ever wonder what that prick Paladin Danse thinks of you? Here’s your chance to find out! Now you’ll never have to start from your last save point because you don’t know how much Nick Valentine “disliked” what you did.

Well, those are my top picks for Week 18! Follow me on Facebook if you want to get updated for Week 19 and beyond :)  Oh, and if you like Fallout 4 and Skyrim screenarchery, follow my Instagram account to get your daily dose of awesome screenshots.

Got any favorite mods yet? Let me know in comments and I’ll check them out!

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