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Fallout 4: Best Mods of Week 9 – importing settlements, crafting letters, and bobbling bobbleheads


Bunch of exciting new mods out this week – but I’m totally late on reviewing them because (TOOT TOOT) my Bioshock settlement got picked up in the gaming media and I’ve been all up over the interwebs on Gamespot and Kotaku and Eurogamer and IGN and PCGamer and all the sites that I always read but never imagined my own stuff would be featured there! So exciting. So thank you to everyone who has encouraged me over the past few years and welcome to all my new followers! :D But enough about me. Onto the good stuff.

Girlplaysgame’s Top Fallout 4 Mods: Week 9

Fallout4 2016-01-13 21-43-50-35

Craftable Letters and Numbers

This mod is great because you can write snarky messages all over the Commonwealth without having to spell them out pixel by pixel using lightboxes. See above.

Fallout4 2015-11-20 17-14-42-64

Cell Ripper

From the maker of the handy “Face Ripper” mod (which allows you to import characters from one save file to another) comes Cell Ripper, which allows you to import settlement builds from one save to another. NO, THIS CANNOT BE USED FOR MY BIOSHOCK SETTLEMENT, SADLY. Cell Ripper only works for the vanilla settlement locations right now (like Red Rocket or Sanctuary) … so anything you build using spawn workbenches in custom locations (like my Columbia settlement) can’t be ported. YET. I’ll keep you posted if that changes.

Animated Bobbling Bobbly Bobbleheads

I love this mod. A bobblehead is so much more satisfying when it’s bobbling at you, and this mod makes it possible. There are two versions of this mod – one where the heads bobble and the figurines spin in place, and one where only the heads bobble (no spinning). I prefer the latter, but hey, who am I to rain on a spinning bobblehead’s parade?

Fallout 4 Seasons Project

I like to set my post-Apocalyptic wasteland to a cheery, lush, verdant background, so the Spring edition of this mod is perfect. You also have the Summer, Fall, and Winter options if you’re not quite as chipper as I am. Actually, I’ll probably use the Winter version when I build my Skyrim-themed settlement, shhh ;)

Fallout4 2016-01-13 21-26-14-14

Rebuilt Croup Manor

Of all the default vanilla settlements, Croup Manor is my favorite “bat cave” for my character. I love how stately it looks and how you can plop some luxury vehicles in its driveway for maximum sexy. And now this mod rebuilds the manor so that it doesn’t look like a bombed out ruin, restoring it to its former pre-apocalyptic glory – what more could a girl ask for?

Well, those are my top picks for Week 9! Follow me on Facebook if you want to get updated for Week 10 and beyond :)  Oh, and if you like Fallout 4 and Skyrim screenarchery, follow my Instagram account to get your daily dose of awesome screenshots.

Got any favorite mods yet? Let me know in comments and I’ll check them out!

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  1. You can import custom settlements now
    theres an imgur link showing your custom settlement able to be selected. I used it to bring it into my own game. the only downside ive noticed is i no longer can access the workshop. (presumably like every other workshop i have to click it first) however i cant seem to find it and its not with the work benches. where’d you place your workshop in the bioshock settlement? cant find it on your save file either but i can open it up

    • Cool! Thanks for letting me know – how do you check what cell you’re in if it’s not somewhere with a map location?

      • You cant unfortunately (except maybe through console commands as COC is a command?) However when i loaded up Cell Ripper at the bottom of the list it was automatically there. The problem is getting to it, especially if you dont know where said cell is located. IDK if a fast travel mat would solve the problem or not. but you can at least transfer it to your saves.

      • Whoa ok cool! I made the request but the guy never emailed me back – woooooo ok I’m gonna see if this will work :D

      • Lemme know if you get it to work. and if you find out whether you can fast travel to it using fast travel mats

  2. I just downloaded the Cell Ripper mod, but it’s crashing my game when I add the overbuilt Castle I wanted it for. Are there any tricks to configuring for this?

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