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Fallout 4: GPG’s Glass Treehouse “Futureretro” Player Home & Settlement Mod List


Happy New Year, everyone! A new year means NEW MODS, obvi. And with that, a NEW playerhome for Fallout 4. You might remember my Mass Effect Normandy-themed player home which was pretty epic but sooooo 2015 :D If you like that playerhome, you may like my new batcave, a glass treehouse with gaming-themed decorations. I give you the Futuretro (Future & retro, get it?) Treehome!

Unfortunately, I can’t make this a standalone mod for downloadd until the GECK for Fallout 4 comes out, so you’ll just have to enjoy the pictures and maybe try to recreate your own. I built the Glass Treehouse in the Robotics Pioneer Park (located here), a beautiful location in the Commonwealth that spawns occasional of Brotherhood of Steel enemies. This particular tree was my pick because it is surrounded by water, thus, obviously superior.

Enjoy the pics below and scroll all the way down for my full mod list!

Check out my guide on how to build your own custom player home in a custom location, along with links to all the mods you will need to get started. In addition to the mods in that blog post, I also used the following ones for this treehome in particular:

GPG Painting Replacers – Retro Gaming edition

Frankenburger’s Realism Reshade

Wasteland Build-a-Bear

Hope you enjoyed seeing my new batcave! Share yours with me in comments and I may feature it!

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  1. This is actually one of my favourite examples of settlement building in-game. I’m aiming to replicate it because who doesn’t want a high-tech glass treehouse in the middle of a wasteland? Only concern is with the ghouls around that location. Do they respawn after a set amount of time, and if so is there a way to disable them?

    • I don’t think you can disable them and they do respawn after a set amount of time. On the plus side, they can’t get into the treehouse! :) You can just gaze out upon them through your glass protection haha.

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