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13+ Christmas (Saturalia) Skyrim mods to get you in the holiday spirit


Merry Christmas Saturalia! I gathered all the bestest Skyrim mods for you to get into the holiday spirit. If you run them all at the same time, your PC will melt prepare to be dazzled.

Yup, running all the following mods gave me 15 FPS but totally worth it for these screenshots above!

TESV 2015-12-19 00-10-30-64

A Festive Christmas

Adds holiday decorations in almost every cell of Skyrim, including special blessings and rewards from snowmen and santa!

TESV 2015-12-19 00-22-36-46

BadGremlins 2015 Snowglobe

You can’t have a Christmas without a BadGremlins snowglobe! This mod is basically a Saturalia tradition at this point. There is also a 2014 Snowglobe and 2013 Snowglobe, FYI. Great for collectors!

TESV 2015-12-19 00-29-04-28

Candy Cane Villages

Changes some of the wood textures in Skyrim to red and red-striped ones. Looks super cute.

TESV 2015-12-18 23-53-48-75

Christmas in Whiterun

Adds a bunch of festive decorations in Whiterun, including presents, gingerbread men, and snowmen!

TESV 2015-12-18 18-38-23-95

Christmas Lanterns

This mod adds some nice colorful Christmas lanterns and trees to Skyrim. There is also a mod (shown in pic) called Nordic Christmas Lanterns that makes the lanterns all one color (blue or gold versions) and looks really classy!

TESV 2015-12-19 22-15-08-58

Christmas Themed Player Home and Dovahkiin Retreat Christmas Edition

Two tiny “winter cabins” that have some Christmas stuff in them. I would say get one or the other since they’re both very similar. Nice and cozy!

TESV 2015-12-18 18-31-33-42

Far East Christmas Armor

Hehe, I love this unique holiday-themed armor (sorry, for the ladeez only!). It looks like you’re wrapped up in wrapping paper!

TESV 2015-12-18 18-50-10-02

It’s Christmas in Skyrim

Adds some gorgeous white/silver tinsel trees in the major cities of Skyrim.

TESV 2015-12-19 22-04-01-14

Saturalia – Christmas in Skyrim

Yet another Christmas mod, but this one adds gorgeous, unique decorations to the College of Winterhold that are worth the downloading the mod for alone!

TESV 2015-12-19 22-18-05-70

The Merry Snowberry

This is a Christmas-themed shop in the Solitude Lighthouse that has some pretty cute Christmas-y things.

TESV 2015-12-19 00-23-55-44

Vibrant Snowy Thickets

Weird how such a simple texture mod gives Skyrim a totally festive and new feel!

Hope you guys enjoyed this list – if you have any mod recommendations, let me know in comments!

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