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Skyrim: 13 Best Jewelry and Accessory Mods to Bling Out Your Dragonborn


Taking a break from Fallout 4 to post this :) Your Dovahkiin is probably dripping from head-to-toe with the blood of his/her enemies … don’t you think he/she deserves to be dripping in jewels, too? Here is a list of my favorite bedazzled accessories for a totally blingy Dragonborn. No, they’re not all lore-friendly but they ARE eye candy-friendly. Enjoy!

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TESV 2015-10-29 22-15-31-01

Leah Lillith Jewelry

This mod adds so many super beautiful and unique pieces of jewelry to Skyrim, it will blow your mind.

TESV 2015-10-25 19-01-37-34


The blingiest eyepatches and jewelry you ever did see. These aren’t exactly lore-friendly, but damn do they look cool.

TESV 2015-10-25 19-24-22-34

Dovah Bling

Because wearing rings on all your fingers is a must for any fashionable Dragonborn.

TESV 2015-10-25 19-27-09-29

TDN Bosmer Headdresses

Wear the skulls of your favorite creatures, garnished with leaves.

TESV 2015-10-25 19-29-48-12

TDN Equippable Horns

From the makers of Bosmer Headdresses, here’s another way you can sport the bones of your favorite creatures in the form of horns and antlers.

TESV 2015-10-25 19-40-28-13

KS Jewelry

A great variety of unique jewelry that is stunning! I love the “Marilyn” upper lip stud and the nose ring. Ok, I love everything.

TESV 2015-10-25 22-31-02-36

FX Eye Candy Rings

Equipping these rings casts visible spell effects on your Dovahkiin – so if you want to run around with your hair on fire, there’s a mod for that.

TESV 2015-10-25 20-14-50-47

Lady Mask

Masks for ladies, duh. Adds 30+ masks for your femme Dovahkiin, some are just masks and others have veils attached. Cute!

TESV 2015-10-25 19-48-13-69

Flower Power

Flower crowns are all the rage, just ask Tumblr.

TESV 2015-10-25 19-54-19-09

Favored Souls Ultimate Assortment

Adds some cool accessories like wings and a whole bunch of jewelry from Lord of the Rings.

TESV 2015-10-25 20-28-15-31

Ashara Dimonized Jewelry

Male characters need some bling-love, too!  This mod has stuff for both male AND female characters.

TESV 2015-10-25 22-42-59-74


This mod takes the coolest accoutrements from all the popular Skyrim mods and makes them standalone so you can use them with any outfit.

TESV 2015-10-26 23-48-49-61

Sayka’s Accessories

Some very beautiful headpieces for your Dovahkiin.

Got more awesome accessory mods for Skyrim? Let me know in comments!

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