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Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Final DLC Trespasser is out and I just can’t


Ok, I seriously haven’t even beaten the last DLC (Descent) yet and they spring this on me. The new Trespasser DLC is the last and final DLC to come to Dragon Age: Inquisition and it apparently takes place two years in the future, sort of like a playable game epilogue. You have to have beaten the main game in order to trigger it.

This swan song DLC is like the Citadel DLC for Mass Effect 3 – you get to reunite with all your old friends and that’s probably the most satisfying part of the game. I hope they did as much fan service in this one.  According to the interview with Bioware at PAX, the Trespasser DLC is supposed to tie up loose ends … including something about Solas (spoiler alert)!

But most importantly, this update finally adds a wardrobe to Skyhold so you can change out of those ugly pajamas. :)

Welp, off I go to purchase this DLC … who’s with me? Let me know in comments!

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  1. I bought the main game, played for 25 hours and never went back. I really tried to like it. I enjoyed DA2, but DAI didn’t strike the right chord for me. :(

    • Shame. 25 hours is barely scratching the surface. Opposite of you, I was IN LOVE with Origins and despised DA2 for all the greatness they took out (compared to Origins). They totally snubbed story/character driven players. The only good thing in DA2 was combat/graphics improvement. I played through to the end just so I could say I did, then I promptly sold it back to the store. I feel like Inquisition was Bioware’s apology for the mess that was DA2 (story-wise, character-depth-wise). An apology I whole heartedly accept. I’m on my 3rd playthrough (it takes MUCH longer to get through this game than Origins so I can’t chain-play this game) and loving it!

      • I also loved Origins and didn’t really get into DA2 … I’ll be honest, it is really hard for me to get into DA:I as well, like Tim said. It didn’t give me a swift kick in the feels like DA:O! Also, I think it takes longer to replay DA:I which may be why I haven’t been able to get back into it – feels a little slow. :/ Also I love modding and the fact that Bioware has to make it so damn hard to mod stuff really irks me – it kills the replay value of the game!

      • Yeah I for sure agree with you there, it starts a bit slowly and it is a bit harder for me to really KNOW who my character is. At least in Origins you were thrown right into a character defining origin story so you could decide who he/she was. So far (besides the overall story and quality of the characters) my favorite part is seeing favorite old characters again, like Leliana and Varric (I liked him even if I didn’t like his game), and Morrigan. I’m all about nostalgia, I can’t help it lol. And yeah it definitely takes longer to replay. When I was playing Origins I played back to back games for like 3 or 4 months…probably getting in around 10 full playthroughs and a few more never finished. I was an absolute slave to that game and my husband missed me terribly for a few months lol. This one since it’s so long and involved I tend to take longer breaks in between playthroughs and actually ended up switching from playing it on PS3 (which was downright painful) to playing on my PC (a much improved experience). Now to just get some money back for the ps3 version….*sigh*

  2. Would love to play this but I can’t afford to upgrade, let alone re-buy everything, especially the deluxe edition like I got on my 360 :/

    • yeah, it’s so unfortunate, and there’s not a cracked PC version out on thepiratebay either ;) The game experience is really day and night on the Xbone vs. 360 though – my first playthrough was on the 360 and it’s like waaaaay watered down. Sigh.

    • Assuming your PC has decent specs even the PC version is better than 360/ps3 versions. I switched (yeah I probably couldn’t afford it either, but I’m recouping a little by selling the ps3 game). Especially now that the GOTY edition has released and has ALL the DLC for the price of just the DD version ($60). So if you can run games at even average everything you’d have a better experience than the last gen consoles. I have half-decent specs on my PC and run mostly on med/high (except for one setting which is ultra to cut down on the CRAZY shine). and it runs well.

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