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#70DaysofShepard – Day 12: Aviator Glasses


Aviator Glasses

This mod replaces the Kuwashii Visor helmet with some Aviator Glasses (also known as Authority Glasses from Fallout: New Vegas!).  You will need to manually replace these Kuwashii Visor textures with the ones in the zip file because I didn’t include a .tpf (my Texmod is just too effed up to reliably create a working .tpf file – sorry!).  Just search “SHPd” in Texplorer and replace the diff, norm, and spec texture files for HMF_HGR_SHPd_MDL and/or HMM_HGR_SHPd_MDL.

Download the mod here!

How to Manually Install Mass Effect Mods

If you use this mod, please consider donating to girlplaysgame.com– I will always provide mods to everyone for free but I could really use some help maintaining the site servers. Thanks for your support!
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  1. HI! I love your mods, but can you please create a tpf for this mod because I can’t seem to get texplorer to replace the textures. I always get unhandled exception or something. Anyway please and thank you!!!

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