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Mass Effect: #70DaysofShepard Modding Spree


As of today, there are 70 days until N7 day (November 7, 2015) … and in a protracted celebration of the epic space opera that is Mass Effect (and to kill time before Fallout 4 comes out), I will be releasing one mod for Shepard EVERY DAY until N7 day on my mod site.


Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr to be the first to know when a new mod is available – I’ll be posting under #70DaysofShepard … and if you install and use any of my mods, be sure to tag them the same so that I can see all your beautiful OC’s!


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  1. What could be really funny is a port of any modern Batman outfit from the Arkham series for male Shep. The Arkham games are also on Unreal 3, if that helps. Idk why that instantly popped into my head when I read your post hahaha. I’d probably change the sound files, so instead of yelling “I have no shields” he yells “my parents are dead!” :P

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