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Skyrim: 24+ Best Badass Armor Mods for Males


For your warrior:

Dragon Carved Armor – literally one of my favorite armors of all time – so wonderful that I actually made a video of it hehe. The details and the way light reflects off this armor is amazing! Perfect for your Nord!

Akaviri Samurai – This is a rough and gritty samurai armor for your warrior character.

Blades Samurai – if you prefer a shinier, sleeker looking samurai armor for your warrior, you’ll love the details on the blade samurai armor!

Champion Armor – ported from Dragon Age 2, this armor is great for any warriors who want the freedom of bare biceps and the warmth of a fur collar!

Elite Knight Armor – a knightly armor perfect for your Imperial to run around in.

Faraam (ComfyKnight) – This is one of my favorite armors for my Nord to play in! The details are really nice and so is the colorscheme.

Relics of the Reach – this armor is part of a pack that includes several cool swords and other weapons. If you’re looking for a nice knightly armor, this is perfect.

Romulus Armor – a great armor for your Imperial ported from Assassin’s Creed.

Stormlord – can’t stop, won’t stop loving this armor for Nords.

Hit the jump for a special armor pack highlight … click NEXT below to keep reading!

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