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Horrifying Video Game Avatars made with MyIdol


By now, you probably have heard about the amazing Chinese 3d avatar creation app called “MyIdol” that blew up the internet last night.  For the uninitiated, it’s basically an app that lets you create 3d avatars using photos – then you can make those avatars do little animations that make little to no sense at all.  It is incredibly addictive, and despite the entire app being in Mandarin, it’s pretty intuitive so you don’t have to speak the language.

Anyway, it was only a matter of time before I moved on from creating personal avatars to video game avatars, and the results are horrifying. I mean, look what I did to poor Dorian Pavus from Dragon Age: Inquisition:

And how about, “My name is Commander Shepard and I am the creepiest Shepard in the Citadel”:

And don’t forget Varric doing Chinese rap … epic:

You will literally spend a bajillion hours on this stupid app, so download it here and waste your day away like me :)  And obviously, share your creations in my comments section!
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