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Dragon Age: Inquisition – Top 15 Best OP Weapons in Multiplayer



One of the best and worst things about Dragon Age: Inquisition Multiplayer (DAMP) is the weapons system.  The best thing about it is the sheer variety of weapons you can get (at the mercy of the Random Number Generator gods, of course) … and the worst thing is that there are so many different weapons, it’s really hard to 1) collect them all and 2) decide which one is the best.  Have no fear, I’m here to help you out!

Here’s my somewhat subjective list of the best weapons in DAMP.  I have almost most of the blue and purple weapons in the game, so my list is based on actual gameplay experience and not just pure stats.  If you’re looking for a complete and objective list of all the weapons and their Damage Per Second (DPS), you can find it here.


While there are two Unique staves (Pyre of the Forgotten, Staff of the Void), I personally think the Fury of the Veil and Mindchill staves are better all around.  This is mainly because they both have the chance to cast crowd control spells.  Veilstrike and Mind Blast both knock enemies back/down, but Veilstrike is a better power than Mind Blast because of its range.  However, the Mindchill staff has a pretty powerful Attack and Critical Damage bonus, so both staves are really viable on Platinum.


Fury of the Veil Staff
Level 23
DPS 110
Damage 68 Electricity
+25 Magic
2% chance to cast Veilstrike on hit


Mindchill Staff
Level 22
DPS 107
Damage 66 Cold
+16% Attack
+15% Critical Damage
2% chance to cast Mind Blast on hit


These are my top three weapons for archers – I personally think the Bow of Cruel Redemption is the best bow even though it’s only Rare because the optimal builds for hunter/archer don’t have health recovery powers so the 1% heal on hit is extremely useful.  I like Longbow of the Griffon mainly because it looks really cool to fire three arrows at once and does decent damage – the three arrows don’t triple your hits unless you’re super close to an enemy, though.  I don’t have the Punched by the Maker bow but the stats look really great, plus I love Walking Bomb as a power!


Punched by the Maker Bow
Level 21
DPS 172
Damage 151
+14% Armor Penetration
+16% Critical Chance
+14% Guard Damage Bonus
10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with 50% weapon damage detonation


Longbow of the Griffon
Level 21
DPS 167
Damage 148
+11% Armor Penetration
+42% Attack
Weapon fires 3 shots when attacking


Bow of Cruel Redemption
Level 22
DPS 162
Damage 143
+9% Critical Chance
+28% Critical Damage
Heal 1% maximum health on hit

Dual-wielding Rogue

Again, I feel like the powers on these daggers are what make them the most useful.  Sadly, I don’t have Wicked Grace but I wish I did – rogue builds don’t include health recovery so the 5% heal on kill would come in handy.  Plus, poison is a great power to have.  I like the Agony dagger because of the critical damage and Chain Lightning bonuses, but I would prefer Walking Death (which I don’t have yet) for the Walking Bomb power.


Wicked Grace Dagger
Level 21
DPS 339
Damage 132
+4% Bleed on Hit
+14% Critical Damage
+5% Heal on Kill
+10% chance to apply Poison on hit


Agony Dagger
Level 20
DPS 324
Damage 126
+3% Attack
+3% Critical Chance
+31% Critical Damage
10% chance to cast Chain Lightning at 50% weapon damage


Walking Death Dagger
Level 20
DPS 326
Damage 127
+21% Armor Penetration
+4% Attack
10% chance to apply Walking Bomb for 5 seconds, with 50% weapon damage detonation

Two-handed Warrior

Although I have many of the more powerful unique swords (Sundering, Mhemet’s War Hammer, Siege’s End), I have to include Boon of the Spoon above all others for the pure fact that killing things with a giant spoon is way more fun!  The DPS/damage is not the best but the fact that you’re killing things with a giant spoon AND making targets explode is pretty satisfying!  I wish I had the Sulevin Blade – it would be amazing to cast Pull of the Abyss as a Reaver!


Sulevin Blade Greatsword
Level 23
DPS 307
Damage 272 AoE
+11% Armor Penetration
+42 Strength
Chance to cast Pull of the Abyss on hit


Boon of the Spoon Maul
Level 16
DPS 219
Damage 217
+24% Stagger on Hit
+8 Willpower
Target explodes for 75% weapon damage on kill

Sword & Shield Warrior

Caliban is by far the most useful one-handed sword.  It does a tremendous amount of Heal on Kill and it also does extra damage if you’re swarmed.  I also like the Dwarven Longsword for survivability – being able to gain 3 guard on hit is really valuable.  As for shields, it seems like the Shield of the Emperor is amazing from a stats perspective (I don’t have it yet!).  March of the Everlasting shield is basically the same as Caliban for powers, while Magehunter shield is the same as Dwarven Longsword, so I like to use them to complement the powers of whatever sword I have equipped (e.g. Caliban + Magehunter).


Caliban Sword
Level 23
DPS 220
Damage 197
+17% Attack
+16% Heal on Kill
5% extra damage for each enemy within 8 meters


Dwarven Longsword
Level 22
DPS 186
Damage 168
+34% Armor Penetration
30 Guard Max
Gain 3 Guard on Hit


Shield of the Emperor
Level 23
Armor Rating 33
+4 Constitution
30% Front Defense
7% Heal Bonus
8% Ranged Defense
Heal 15% of damage taken over 10 seconds


Level 20
Armor Rating 29
+30% Front Defense
+12% Magic Defense
+8 Spirit Resistance
Gain 3 Guard on hit


March of the Everlasting
Level 20
Armor Rating 29
+30% Front Defense
27 Max Health
+8% Melee Defense
+4 Strength
5% extra damage for each enemy within 9 meters

I hope this list is helpful for everyone else out there who is torn between scrapping weapons for crafting materials or keeping them in inventory!  Just so you know, I have about 3/4 of the really good rare/unique weapons in multiplayer and I’ve spent probably about 200,000 gold total.  To put that in perspective, that’s about 70 hours of gameplay and I *still* haven’t gotten everything I want.  The RNG gods are not kind in DAMP!!!  Just trying to temper your expectations of getting all the Uniques without investing a lot of time and energy into this game.

What is your favorite weapon?  Let me know your thoughts and opinions in the comments!

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  1. Haha… Robine, 200K doesn’t sound an awful lot… I have spent 750K with about 300 hours of gametime logged and still not got all the things I wanted… :P
    This is very much like real life: you work your ass off and you still not get all the things you want… :) So maybe the same RNG god is governing both shitty worlds, ain’t it? XD

  2. I have a Bow of the Dragon, +41% attack, +7% critical chance, and +8% heal on kill, AND 220 DPS with a superb rune.

  3. For daggers, the Savage thorn seems to be the highest withs superb runs gets to 478 dps with on hit: gain 5 guard which can be useful for higher survivability.

    • Actually, you want to focus on critical damage rather than dps. That’s why hakkon weapons are so powerful, they add 100% to critical damage. If you’d go for dps alone, the Bosun Blade is quite remarkable at 501dps (varies, naturally)

  4. Ive been playing for a week and i already have all these things besides the staffs and the one handers. All characters and almost all armors too. Just buy the 2k chests dont even bother opening chests in game. I really hate these people that have to open all in game chests to get a piece of junk. Its much more efficient to run through levels quickly and just buy chests. The game itself is broken and laggy.

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