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Dragon Age: Inquisition – How to Make a Cute Elf Inquisitor Tutorial


As a follow-up to my popular Human Inquisitor tutorial, here are two tutorials to show you how to make a cute-as-hell male and female Elf Inquisitor.  Making Elf Inquisitors is extra challenging because their default character faces tend to be really long, and keeping their facial features in proportion is a challenge.  I also tried to keep true to their Elven characteristics so they didn’t just look like humans with pointy ears, but I don’t know if I was successful (I think my male elf ended up looking a lot like Anders from DA:2).

Oh, and if you don’t have the patience for 5 minute video tutorials, the key takeaways are:

  1. Set your Inquisitor’s eyes farther apart than the default in almost every case.
  2. Make your Inquisitor’s chin longer than you think you need to.
  3. Turn the shine on your Inquisitor’s lips down to zero.
  4. Light eyes look great on Elves.  Dunno why.

Male Elf Inquisitor


Female Elf Inquisitor


Hope you guys found this helpful!  Be sure to share your Inquisitors with me if you want a chance to be featured in my upcoming post about the best looking Inquisitors out there :)

Are you playing Dragon Age: Inquisition?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. The mouth on my elf drove me crazy because it always looked frowny. So I made a human and it looked much better, think I’ll stick with it for my first playthrough. Also I noticed the elf mouths then to be kind of skinny and tall, so widening them might help a bit.

  2. Finally good elf male sliders I care to use xD (I’m clueless when it comes to making good looking male elf).

    For female elf I use these sliders: http://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/728/images/626-0-1437343694.jpg

    Now if only HinaNekoL(think that is owner) gave out her sliders of her Yennefer: http://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/728/images/1047-3-1449779446.png

    Still guess we can’t get all, anyway thanks once more for those sliders, finally can play elf dude without looking stupid.

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