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Dragon Age: 10 Must-Have Mods for Inquisition


Whew, I just finished my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition!  I did a fairly thorough and complete run at just under 35 hours (not including my hour on the character creation screen alone, ha!), despite Bioware’s claim of it being a 100 hour game.  The only way it could have been a 100 hour game is if I 1) turned on nightmare mode, 2) did every repetitive side quest (hello, collecting Shards, anyone?), and 3) turned off subtitles and listened to all the dialogue instead.

Overall, I’d say DA:I is a great game that will be very enjoyable for anyone who likes RPGs.  That being said, here are the top 10 mods that we modding folks need to create, stat!


10. Enhanced Tactics mod

I wish the combat system were less clunky and boring in DA:I.  Tactical view was so irritating for me that I never used it and just hacked and slashed my way through the whole game.  In fact, the only reason I ever turned on Tactical View was as a makeshift “flycam” to take screenshots.  There should be a mod that expands the tactics that you and your companions can use automatically so that combat isn’t as tedious.

DragonAgeInquisition 2014-11-25 11-17-27-21

9. Better Hair mod

What is with Bioware spending a bajillion development hours on a great game, great graphics, and great storyline, then only spending 20 minutes on some decent hairs???  The first thing I’m going to do when I figure out how to mod DA:I is make some nice hair styles with textures that aren’t crazy shiny!


8. No Mustache Dorian mod

I know, I love Dorian’s mustache, too!  But isn’t anyone at all just a LITTLE BIT CURIOUS what he would look like without his curly upper lip caterpillar?  Anyone???  (My theory is that he would look way less hot without his ‘stache, but I need to see it to confirm hehehe).


7. No Hood Leliana mod

Same as above – I just want to see it happen.  It’s kind of like in Mass Effect where all I wanted was to see Tali out of her mask because the curiosity was killing me!  Except, uh, now it’s the back of Leliana’s head I want to see.  I know, I’m weird.

DragonAgeInquisition 2014-11-18 19-42-52-57

6. Romance Varric mod

Ok, bear with me a moment here – (spoilers ahead) how awesome would a Varric mod be just to see the drama that ensues when his crossbow’s namesake Bianca comes into the picture?! (end spoilers)  Anyway, yeah, so the potential romance arc with Varric could be very interesting!


5. Dress mod for the Masquerade Ball

I was in the military for several years, so I’ve actually been in this situation IRL before.  If I’m going to a ball with fantastic, gorgeous dresses everywhere, as a female Inquisitor, I want a dress.  I don’t want to wear the same thing as my male date, thanks very much.  I want a bedazzled mask and a blingin’ ball gown that says, “I’m a lady … a lady who is going to kick ass and take names.”  Is that so much to ask?

DragonAgeInquisition 2014-11-25 11-52-43-58

4. Free Love mod

I’m a fan of removing all race/gender restrictions from romances in Bioware games.  I don’t see anything wrong with guys being able to romance Cullen or girls being able to romance Dorian, particularly since mods only affect an individual player’s game and not everyone’s games.  Oh, and it’s also imaginary, so everyone who makes a big stink about this mod (whether you’re a dudebro or a social justice warrior) can bugger off my blog, yeah?  Make this happen, modders!


3. Realistic remains mod

Ok, did no one else notice that every time you killed an animal or demon, no matter what the size of the creature, the skeleton rib cage left behind was always the same?  Like, kill a nug, get a giant ribcage.  Kill a giant, get a giant ribcage.  It just … didn’t make sense.  I’d love to see some unique skeletons and skulls left behind!


2. Armory mod for Skyhold

I kept running into the same problem of picking up cool unique weapons, leveling up past their usefulness, and not wanting to get rid of them because of their uniqueness.  I wish there was  an armory where I could display my favorite inventory items because it’s such a waste to sell or destroy the uniques!


1. Auto-Loot mod

OMG, please just someone make an auto-loot mod.  I can’t tell you how many times I picked up Elfroot over and over again and thought how tedious and annoying it was to not be able to grab everything in my vicinity at once.  This is my number one must have mod above all others!

Anyway, those are the mods I would love to see happen.  Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to release a few mods myself!  If any of my readers know any other game modders, pass this along … I hope the DA:I modding community outgrows the Skyrim one someday!

Got any mod ideas you want to share?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I got to see Dorian without his mustache several times due to the bugginess on my 360. Saw him with no stache, nose-stache, and with just part of his stache. Goes from Freddie Mercury to creep.

    • Hahahahaha nose-stache sounds horrifying! yeah, the game is so unplayable on 360. i upgraded to an xbox one this weekend just to play this dumb game in high quality graphics!

      • the best mod you mentioned was auto loot its a pain getting on and off the horse to pick up crafting gear in the end I didn’t use also a chest needed as gone into areas that cant use gear yet but back pack not big enough also more crafting gear at traders for the lazy players

  2. When I heard that there was a masquerade ball I was really looking forward to being able to dress up for it. I’d also like to see more variety in clothing in general (instead that gray pants and shirt combo that the Inquisitor always wears in Skyhold).

  3. Um ok…ya,
    1. no weight mod.
    2. No inventory cap
    3. Flashing search results so items blink when discovered. Ideally pink/purple not the yellow that blurs into the sand.
    4. Lots of custom armors and weapons.
    5. New Inventory UI that shows items as icons. I would like a subtitle underneath the items to better show what they do.
    6. Slower combat.
    7. Removing of all combat rolls – its lightening fast and stupid, takes me right out of the lore.
    8. Deeper stamina/mana pools can be for both player and enemy
    9. Better loot drops
    10. Right click to move, including pathing to move the player to a desired location.
    11. and most importantly, that blows all of this away…i mean Duhhhhh….nude mod and better sex scenes straight out of DA:O


  4. At 35 hours I was still roaming every corner of the Hinterlands and in Haven. To each their own, but you must have missed so much of the game by rushing it like that.

    • Gotta agree. I’m at 50+ and I’m only just past Celene’s ball. There’s some worthless sidequests, sure – but there are some seemingly insignificant ones that are part of a larger, lore filled or powerup, quest. The shards spring immediately to mind here – you do get a significant defence boost from them – and I’ve not even opened the spirit chamber yet.

      • Yeah, I’m on my second playthrough now and hoping to be much more thorough :) I feel like I got through maybe 75% of the sidequests last time around so we’ll see about this one!

    • I’m sure I missed stuff, but I got through the bulk of the sidequests. I just fast skip through the conversations and read the subtitles instead of listening, I think that’s why my playthrough is shorter. I’m on my second playthrough now and I hope to be more thorough this time :)

      • I havent had the chance to beat it yet. I am at about 77 hours into my first playthrough, I just Gave Morrigan goddess abilities…I am hoping i wont regret that later haha . I skipped several side missions too. I didnt have the patience. I wanted to know what happened next lol

    • my first play through got to lev 24 161 hrs in 13 days long time retired 68 so this is what I do beats sitting all day long watching TV or just reading a book and sleeping in a arm chair

    • They probably didn’t actually listen to the cut scenes either. I’ve read often where people put subtitles on and skip stuff. I listen to everything and let it play out like a movie. They’d play it longer if they actually let the scenes play out how they were made to be played instead of bashing the skip button

  5. Hmmm, I can think of another Dorian mod, a Daario Naharis mod to give him hair and facial hair like Daario has in the A Song of Ice and Fire books (Daario has either yellow hair and a blue moustache or blue hair and a yellow moustache)

  6. Anyone that wants to mod Dorian for female romances was wearing ear plugs and a blind fold during his quest. It destroys his story, it destroys his character, it destroys his motivations, it destroys and objectifies him for heteronormative female pleasure.

    It turns the game into exactly what gamer dudebros accuse it of being, a vapid, shallow romance simulator.

    If you’re playing Dragon Age and want white Josephine mods, or straight Dorian mods, or pretty Aveline mods, then you are ignoring the heart of these games, the diversity and complexity of characters and turning them instead into just a pile of icing smeared over a cake made of feces.

    I do not want those people in the Dragon Age community. I want them to return to whatever hole they crawled out of and stay away from the rest of us.

    There are a million bad romance simulators out there to fulfill your heteronormative desires, go play them and stop thinking it’s okay to erase the queer community to satisfy yourself at the cost of another person’s humanity.

    Honestly, I’m only surprised there wasn’t a “mod Krem to not be trans to make transphobic players happy” mod suggestion on here.

    • Your whole rant would make sense if anyone had said strictly altering Dorian and no one else. Free love for all genders and all sexuality as a mod is completely different. Please take your social justice crusade elsewhere because it does not belong here.

      • Umm…

        This isn’t like Kaidan in Mass Effect, where there was mShenko dialogue written and scripted and voice-acted that just never made it into the final game even if the audio files are there.

        Dorian was specifically written as being exclusively gay, so a “free love mod” isn’t going to do anything but break the game.

      • It’s the same principle. Unless that’s lost on you. A huge portion of Dorian’s story is centered on his queerness. I swear, women who are into gay erasure are hilarious. Also love how you toss in SJW like it’s a bad thing to respect people and want society to stop treating anything not “normal” as an aberration.

      • It’s not the same principle. It would be gay erasure if I only wanted to make a mod that makes Dorian romanceable by a female – I suggested a mod that makes everyone romanceable by everyone. Being a SJW is a bad thing because you look for slights and insults where none are meant, picking fights with anyone who has an opinion that differs from your own. Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right. Also, it is a video game and you don’t have to use any mods whatsoever, so no need for you to police other people’s use of mods. If you want to be productive, maybe you should go police something that is actually real, not a fantasy video game.

      • good on you girl I aren’t a Modder but I modded DAO and DA2 extensively mods increase the long a levity of the game you only got to look a Skyrim when a tool box is released for the game but Origin don’t want us to play for a long time as they might miss out on sales look at Witcher they want their gamers playing until the next Witcher is released even the new one coming out in 2015 will have a tool box to mod if you notice my email it will tell you how old I am

      • I noticed some one else put their age in I am a bit older at 68 yrs. young I enjoy playing games in my retirement in-between playing DA2 and DAI I have been playing Diablo 3 presently at Para 690

      • I’ve never seen the problem with SJWs so well stated.

        I think I’m a little bit in love.

        Its also helping me realize that for all I don’t care for them, I’m a little bit guilty of what they do in my own way and I’m going to stop.

      • Also. I knew I was going to see a rant like RDJs as soon as you suggested an all bi mod. Some people can’t stand the thought that someone might ignore their “very important message”

        Games are about choice RDJ. Mods are about freedom and about allowing each player the experience they want to have. The tirades of people like you point to very unpleasant realities for us all if SJWs get to much power in society.

      • I get with a mod that people can choose whether to have it or not, so that’s not necessarily a thing for me. I would not choose to install this one, though. One of the things I disliked about DA2 was how all the romance options were, as someone put it on the forums, “Hawke-sexual”. I feel like sexuality is a part of who a person is, and while I like having some bisexual characters, it feels weird if they are all that way. For me this isn’t a social justice thing, it just interferes with my suspension of disbelief.

    • If she were a heteronormative crusader, she wouldn’t be asking for a Free Love mod, which actually increases the number of available same sex pairings. She’d be asking for a straight love mod or really she’d be asking for the developers to take the gay romances out of their future games. She just wants more options, she’s not after your precious story.

      A mod doesn’t make Dorian stop being gay in the base game, it only opens up options for players who want them.

      • Except that it does–it erases the fact that Dorian and Sera are exclusively gay, and that they have been written as such. Calling those of us who point out the problem with this “SJWs” (as if that’s some sort of insult) and blowing us off with comments like “Oh, but it lets everyone romance everyone so therefore it’s fine” is not only ridiculous, but it’s just another form of anti-LGBTness and a display of heterosexist privilege. Dorian is gay, and making it so that anyone can romance him is indeed gay-erasing. Sera is lesbian, and making it so that anyone can romance her is indeed gay-erasing.

        If you refuse to see that even when a straight cisgender woman points that out to you,and if you think that a bigoted mod that allows you to play out a heterosexist fantasy shouldn’t be criticised at all ever because “it’s your game and you can do what you want”, then I really don’t know what else to say.

      • Exactly that – it’s a fantasy. It’s not real life, a fact that SJW’s never seem to comprehend. It’s a fantasy that occurs in the individual player’s own game – it affects you in no way, shape, or form, so stop trying to be the THOUGHT POLICE. “If you refuse to see that even when a straight cisgender woman points that out to you” — I really don’t understand how you being a straight cisgender woman pointing out your opinion to me should make your opinion more legitimate than anyone else’s. I mean, let’s talk about YOUR sense of privilege, assuming that your opinion should weigh more to me because you’re straight! This is a joke, right? Don’t come on my blog spouting SJW bullshit and then perpetrate the exact kind of real life prejudice that you’re supposedly fighting against. Please.

    • I *LOVE* that bioware made homosexual characters. I think that’s great. Shipping with character locked on to same sex relationships is a huge welcome statement. However, free love mods are no different with a homosexual character than a hetorosexual character in any game without such options, with the obvious difference of availability leading strongly to the hetro as bisexual being more accessible than the reverse. The truth is, it does make hia more interesting character, but if someone else wants to play if how it wasn’t intended it doesn’t hurt you. The statement is already there. Mods NEVER play the game as intended by it’s origonal creators. They are the fanfic of the gaming world. Do I ahte prettifying people mods? Yeah. Do I bitch about them? No. Some people like to play their game that way. No effect on my game at all. I preffer playing my games open – open to all lovers, open to multiple relationships. Your game remains closed. And that’s my binormative desires, and dirty little slutty roleplaying to amke up for a sexual history entirely comprised of committed relationships ;)

      • Well said, Erynn! I can’t understand people who want to control everyone else’s freedom to use mods :(

      • I really like a lot more Dorian without mustaches xD and I really would like to see all gender free love mod, so I can get Cullain for some reason I find him hot xD

    • that looks epic, but if anyone deserves makeovers then it’s Vivienne with her lack of hair lol or just better long hair mods for the females, especially Cassandra. I actually find Sera kind of cute despite her hair short. Imagine her with long hair, even better lol

      • And even without hair, Vivienne is still the prettiest one in the whole damn Inquisition. No, scratch that, the prettiest person in all of Thedas.

  7. At 35 hours I was still in the creation screen trying to mitigate the 1980s hair styles and spot the differences between the bajillion eyelash styles. Seriously, eleventy-billion eyelash choices but other than half a dozen buzzcut variations we’re left with a choice between your Nanna’s hair cut, punk-rock art-school girl do and MacGyver’s mullet? Even DA2 had more options (and better story telling).

    As for mods (other than hair and tatts): Need Isabela.

    Tactics. DA2 might get a lot of flak for a lot of things, but the tactics system was not bad. Certainly better than DAI’s “run into wall of fire” or “stand still with back to enemy” options.

    Companion Inventory: Why do I have to carry everybody’s junk around? Being able to kit out your companions with multiple kits would save hours of messing around in one of the worst inventory screens ever devised and free up the Inquisitor’s pockets for those oh-so important dwavern plates and toy soldiers. Pretty sure the devs had lost interest in the project by the time they got to the Hissing Wastes. I know I did.

    Better Merchants: Place a stock order once in a while! If I didn’t buy your junk armor and weapons at level 7, I’m sure not going to buy it at level 15. A few decent schematics and masterwork materials would be nice to see once in a while too.

    Crafting Overhaul: Being able to choose between utility, offense and defense slots or the materials used would go a long way to extend the paltry selection of armors. Also, let us upgrade existing gear to a degree, Anybody who went Mage with the Flames of the Inquisition DLC weapons has to be feeling this.

    And for the love of Varric’s chesthair, add a “dye” option. Masterwroks don’t always cut it. You know when you see a ridiculously loud orange, blue and pink clad Thedan that you’re in deep trouble because power and style are inversely proportionate in DAI.

    Lose the class restrictions on armor at least. It’s an outdated mechanic that just serves to highlight the lack of variety already inherent in the game.


    Autoloot, as the hordes have wished for, or double or triple the resource harvests. The 100+ hour playthoughs are because you spend 70 hours gardening.

    Combat Abilities. 8 is not enough. DA2 at least allowed you to clunk through the radial menu to access non-mapped abilities. A third tier is necessary, for consoles R2 could toggle on press rather than hold or you could have a secondary ability appear in place during cooldown of an ability, adding a tactical element to how you go about combat.

    The next part is pretty much wishful thinking as Bioware are pretty much the only ones who could fix it. Which they won’t.

    Find a purpose for Skyhold. Seriously. ‘Chekhov’s gun’ may now be referred to as ‘Skyhold syndrome’. I’d put money on Skyhold’s original purpose not making it to the ‘finished’ product. Which brings me to…

    A completely new ending. The final battle was about as anticlimactic as they come. It smacks of “we’re out of time, just put in half a dozen lines of rehashed dialogue and a goofy looking stare down scene”. I felt like I had just beat the kak out of an old age pensioner with 3 of my (tactically challenged) mates, rather than vanquished a demigod. Adamant Fortress could possibly be reworked to facilitate a slightly more fitting final battle.

    Make the decisions mean something DURING the game. What was the point of all of those War Table operations? Many of which I’d rather have participated in than collecting trash in the desert and running errands for every man and his goat and other ‘busy work’. They at least had connections to the stories unfolding.

    If you made it this far, well done. That kind of got away from me. And it reads like I have nothing good to say about the game, and honestly there is very little I can praise about it after 4 years of anticipation and promise. Visually it more than made up for DA2s lackluster showing, but as far as narrative and character go, I think DAI is a step backwards. A huge criticism of DA2 was that your choices didn’t matter in the end. I’d argue that your choices in DAI don’t matter at all, but just take you longer to get to.

    I love the DA series. Even with all of the faults and shortcomings I keep replaying them at least a few times a year. Heck, I’m probably one of the only people that will own up to enjoying my first playthrough DA2 as much if not more than DAO. The highlight of DAI for me was (almost my) Hawke’s cameo and I harbored the impossible hope that I’d somehow be able to resume Hawke’s adventures with the DA2 companions. I mean, why not? The landscapes exist. There is enough lore left over and left out of DAI to make it worthwhile. And maybe because so much of it already exists Bioware can focus on what makes these games great rather than just trying to impress with scale.

    • OMG this comment deserves its own post, holy shit. The eyelash thing was insane – I definitely couldn’t tell the difference. Also, now that I’ve read your comment, the thought just came to mind that not being able to choose facial hair color separate from head hair color was stupid, too. And the armor dyes!!! I ended up playing with sub-par armor and weapons because I didn’t want my Inquisitor to look like a clashing fairy glitter demon from hell coming to save Thedas – she’s way badder ass than orange, blue, and pink shiny armor. Anyway, there’s so much good stuff in your comment, I’m gonna do a new post just so all my readers see what you wrote :)

    • I completely agree about the war table operations… ye gods, let me do the interesting stuff and send out the agents to grab the resources and collectables…

      If you cant find the last shard in an area, send an agent to scour the zone. if it is in an area that is safe then ten minutes later they pop back into your war room with the missing shard in hand.

      Meanwhile you get the option to pop over to find a way to deal with a nobleman’s concerns about the refugees on his lands; will you agree to his request to drive the displaced masses and the criminals that may dwell among them or will you stop the noble’s thugs from terrorising the helpless, will you use force, intimidation, reason or inspiration. A modder could turn each of those war table missions into something special.

  8. I must agree with you on some things the farming is a pain waste of time riding a horse as you have to keep getting on and of and cant jump over a stick make it a option to farm for ingredients and rocks, or buy from a trader and put more gold in game there are probably a lot of people out there that don’t really like killing animals I only kill what I have to and the measly 8 – 12 potions make it possible after killing a enemy they drop a few

  9. I cant get it under close on 50 hrs its the farming take that out and you strip half the game away and the shards for the forbidden oasis Elven ruins and I don’t know if any one else has found a few the shards are impossible to get to name 1 its on the roof of a house with no way to get up there

    • here is something playing a Elf at moment a mage up to lev 19 but still cant be a knight enchanter have Vivian but no book and 3 trainers haven’t turned up cant a elf be a knight enchanter or a bug in my game anyone have any ideas if they have played a elf

  10. I personally wouldn’t want a mod to date Dorian as a woman. Don’t get me wrong, I really like him. In fact I tried to date him, then his story quest came out *spoiler warning* His issue with his father was all about him being gay. While I was sad I couldn’t romance him, I wouldn’t want to turn him to be straight. It would be against his character. I otherwise would love a mod to open up romance options in general. Dorian is just a special case for me.

    • It’s not necessarily about turning him “straight” but having him explore being bi … personally, I think everyone has a little attraction for both sexes, but I totally understand where you’re coming from – his storyline is very unique and strong :)

      • But he doesn’t. And he never will. I am so sick and tired of people claiming that “Oh deep down you’re a little attracted to both genders :).” As a lesbian who has never *ever* felt attraction, romantic or sexual, to a man, I’m asking you to stop.
        Look if you want to romance Dorian play as a male, your real life gender isn’t stopping you.

      • Good for you. Guess what? Mods that only affect my (or any one else’s) personal game should not offend you. They literally have no impact on you or your game. Until someone is walking around saying “Everyone has to make Dorian straight in their games,” there is absolutely nothing to get your panties in a bunch about. Get over yourself.

  11. These mods would all be great. Though for me tactics and better hair would be #1 and #3 respectively. Auto-loot @ #2 would be very helpful as well. I doubt there is much that can be done with the tactics, but we’ll see as time goes on.

  12. The PC version of DA:I does offer way better speeds and graphics, and to be honest the 100+hrs of gameplay is a real stretch, my 1st playthrough Normal 100% completion-59hrs and 32 mins,2nd playthough Hard-100% completion-68hrs-55 mins and my 3rd playthrough nightmare-84hrs and 25 mins.trust me this game could benefit from some useful custom campaign mods and custom sidequest mods.maybe even better companions mods. other than that the no wieght and auto-loot mods would be a nice touch.

  13. Your Mod suggestions are great! I, however, would love to see a mod for a personal chest to free up some inventory space. Don’t know what I’ll need, or what I won’t need as I go further into the game. A chest would be a great asset to have.

  14. Mod: Increased importance of inquisition power in the survival of the inquisition and its members

    Mod: Bring back the old specialisations

    Mod: Merge classes into magic user and non magic user (the current distinction between rogue and warrior is strange and unhelpful – merging the two makes more sense in terms of flexibility and better represents the way their world is divided)

    Mod: Allow the inquisitor to become the divine (regardless of race gender or class – which would result in some pretty interesting dialogue XD)

  15. Am I the only one whose pissed that he cant romance Vivienne…..maybe its coz Im black huh? Cant get it together with my preferred choice. I guess Vivienne isnt considered sexy by the MAINSTREAM..or black on black love isn’t exotic or in fahion like gay or lesbian love. I love that gay characters exist but Im pissed that they’re having more fun than I am..lol. The first Mod I would support would be the anybody can have anybody mod..no restrictions…if you follow thru and complete little side quests you should be able to strengthen bonds and hasten to consummate a connection. Yeah my mod would be a black mans fantasy…irespective of sexual prefereance…but having acces to my own women would do wonders for my personal modded experience. I wouldnt change any skin colour of established characters but I would like a black male or female character who is ALSO romanacable . And by black I mean African not mixed or latino..Josephine isnt black…no matter what you tel me…lol…and Vivienne just resonates for me. Im an old boy gamer too…45…been playing fantasy games just after color tv…lol…always felt saddened by the lack of inclusion of my people in fantsy genre..unless we do it for ourselves. Its sad for me that after everything we AFRICANS are considered an afterthought or exotic but being gay or bisexual is considered more of an accomplishment and therefore more rellevant..or the marketing folk dont count US and our fantasies as rellavant. Changing skin colour on a character only works if you have appropiate hair style too. I got into a race debate on star trek online over dreadlocks not being selectable. This “dude” made a refereance to fried chicken not being selectable either so whats the problem? Yeah I know….nice kid. Anyway I went on to explain that Sci fi shows and games are fantasy and that the best ones are usually mirrors of society or linked to what we either fear or desire…..and that dreadlocks is more popular around the world than a Van Halen “mullet” or a damn scalp lock…I joking concluded that these games are based on Eurocentric values…for marketing purposes….and that it really says what ya’ll white folk really think about us AFRICANS….we either dont exist or are just Europeans waiting for the skin colour slider to do its thing……but the hair….were lucky to get a little fro let alone dreads huh? Yeah….a mod were romance is due to consequence rather than Gender and real black folk hairstyle and I’m replaying 70 hours….different characters…even sexualities…well Id try lesbian…as a female….lol….typical..I know……

    • Hey don’t look at me. She was the first one I tried to flirt with. I thought her rebukes were just her playing hard to get. I think Viv is smoking.

      I would have loved a romance with her.

  16. No. You don’t get to take away our gay man. A specifically gay man. Who’s personal quest is about him being gay.

    Its disrespectful, its rude, and its gross.

    there’s no excuse for it. No way to justify your gross attitude about it. No.

    • No one is taking anything away from you. How does someone modding their own game to make all characters romanceable in any way affect your game? What is gross is that you believe policing other people’s opinions and actions is OK. Being offended does not equal being right. Why is that so hard for you people to understand?

      • that’s right whether I or anyone else do to our personal offline game the way I see it has nothing to do with anyone else if you want to make them all gay or all romance able is a personal choice

    • Saying out loud, “I’m offended” is basically like saying, “I can’t control my own emotions”. She isn’t asking Bioware to change the game for everyone with a patch, that would be wrong. She’s saying she’d like HER personal game to be open love. Does that effect you? Will you be sitting in your dark, sad room moping knowing that someone out there is putting their lady-Inquisitor’s hands all over Dorian’s sexiness??? I think if that’s the case then you have much larger issues that should be seen to.

      I happen to love the idea of my fem being able to romance Dorian. I mean, I’m okay with being his fag hag too, but just for one playthrough I’d like to romance him and I just cannot play a dude character. It doesn’t work for me. That’s more immersion-breaking for me than making Dorian bi-curious.

      • YES THANK YOU! Every time I get a comment on this post, I dread reading it because it’s usually a bunch of unreasonable loonies who think I’m trying to stamp out homosexual representation from the face of the earth. Your post was a pleasant surprise! :D

  17. Personally I am a huge fan of modding; however I do see the issue that many have raised in terms of the capacity for a mod to defile the source. Yes I am sorry, but making such a well written gay character (personally I have never romanced him as I don’t much like the idea of taking part in a gay romance) into a bi character is defilement.

    The only way it would NOT be defilement would be to mod not only the flags used to select the character’s romance options but also to create additional content (and to comparable or higher quality to that of the original source) in which one then provided the opportunity for that character to undergo development to such an extent as to enable the personality and intentions of original character to be altered to such an extent as to make the additional content believable.

    Anything less would be defilement.

    And given the quality with which his character was written to be gay; the mod to enable a transition to bi, would need to have exceptional narrative quality; else it will be an affront.

    Similarly, Vivienne is written beautifully to not be a romance option; a mod to enable her to become a romance option, should provide a compelling narrative to make it far more compelling to the player that it is entirely natural that she should become a romance option.

    they do all they can to make modding their games as hard as possible.
    so you’ll never see much mods for any of their games.
    It’s their philosophy, they don’t want user created content because they are afraid people wont buy their DLC crap then anymore.

    • It’s not Bioware it’s EA, Bioware released a modding tool for Dragon Age Origins that helped people create mods. After EA bought Bioware bye bye modding tools.

      EA also made Bioware and all of their other studios use an engine which is a lot harder to mod than other engines.

  19. Modding is amazing. I fully believe that the reason these games got as popular as they did and had such amazing shelf-lives WERE the mods. They bring freshness to a game that I’ve played enough to memorize the lines.

    I’d really like an inventory mod and a save game editor. Also, a tattoo mod, and definitely agree about the hair mods and dress mods.

    RE: Winter Ball. That dance made me feel sooooo weird! Way outside my comfort zone, but I think that was probably a good thing. Still want a pretty dress, though. :)

    • Also: I would love to replace the female inquisitor’s voice with my own. No idea how to do that, but I think it would be awesome. :)

  20. Just because it wouldn’t affect anyone else’s game, changing anyone’s preferred sexual orientation is wrong and you are disgusting. You wouldn’t try to change someone in real life just because you had a thing for them, just because they are fantasy characters doesn’t make you any less wrong.

  21. Well, lets use Isabella in DA2 or Miranda of ME2/3 as an example: You have them who look how they look and then you make a female toon and she’s completely thin. Say what you will, but it would be nice to have an option there. My girl actually got me into playing Bioware games. I was thinking it and then she said it, “I have big boobs, I want to make my chick have some sort of boobs.” LOL. I have to say I agree. A mod is needed.

    • That would be a nice option to be able to adjust the option of body size whether they are taller broader bust size. Maybe the character creator needs to be a bit more creative in over all body not just the face there are plenty of modders out there that could do it for Bioware so maybe they need to subcontract specialized parts of the game out

    • There was actually an interview with one of the devs, where they talked about customizable body types, and the guy said that apparently implementing those was not viable for some reason – be it money, time, assets, or whatever. We almost could have had that, but alas.

  22. goddamn i need my tactics back! at level 12 i have the power to kill this 96k health dragon. problem is, my ranged party members think they are using melee =.=

  23. This game COULD be amazing, if only it had a combat system that could be possibly called that way, how could someone dare calling “tactics” just a true/false list of skills? Playing that game just doesn’t feel like playing the old ones, even though the lore is better than DA2 (remember that this whole comment is my thought about this game).
    So, I would say 1st of all DA:O tactics system
    2nd a mod that could fix enemies aggro, i’ve been passing most of my game going in higher level places (i’m playing just hard difficulty) and sniping them with an archer while they didn’t even see me, pretty satisfied by boss battles though
    3rd Yeah, that auto-loot thing, gathering things is where those “100+ hours of game” are spent :P
    4th A mod that could possibly add a way to make those cool low-level weapon scale with levels, most of those classic old-style ones were so damn better looking than the late-game ones, though some of those were actually pretty good-looking ^^

  24. Anyone who would romance Dorian as a girl or Sera as a man is horrible. Dorian nearly lost himself to man who wanted nothing more than what you want. Who would have done anything even destroying his son’s mind to get it. Yet here you are doing the same thing and shouting “oh well it’s just a game, it’s just fantasy”. To the millions of LGBT people in the world it’s not just a game. You’re taking away his whole story. Because unlike Cullen and Solas who were going to be bi Sera and Dorian are not. If you wanna romance Dorian play as a dude it’s not that hard. But don’t force him to be bi because you can’t stand that they’re are gay men who don’t wanna fuck you. Dorian,Sera, and Steve(Mass Effect 3 fyi) are not bi. They will never be bi. You are in fact no better the Halward Pavus for making them anything other then who they are.

    • …As a lesbian myself (because I suppose that makes me more qualified to debate about these sorts of things, apparently,) I really wish people would stop making this argument, even though I know where you’re coming from. Bi-mods (and especially straight mods) do in fact make me uncomfortable, since I’ve personally had people try to force me to be straight myself. I don’t like the white-washing mods either, and I probably wouldn’t want to play games with someone who used them, but blowing up in people’s faces about mods on a single player game makes you look sort of irrational.

      On the other hand though, I do sort of wish people would stop making appearance/sexuality/race mods, because it can hit some people really personally. Mod the Inquisitor/Hawke/Warden all you want, since they’re essentially a blank slate, but the other characters are fully formed already. There isn’t really a need to change that.

      (Sorry if this steps on any toes, but I really think that we as a fandom are far to quick to sling insults and point fingers.)

      • that’s right leave the followers alone they have their sexual preferences the inquisitor is a blank slate as you say and my son thinks I am a bit funny as I prefer to play as a female and I am a male I guess as I said to him I just prefer to watch the little bum wobble as they run away from you

  25. PLEASE someone make a mod for auto-search. I don’t really mind clicking on plants or resources or dead bodies, but I’m going to grow muscles on the finger that presses the search button. Or maybe a mod that highlights all clickeable objects? In DAO you could press shift and see EVERYTHING that was clickeable in your screen. In DA2 everything was automatically highlighted! I loved Bioware for that.

    How come they decided to make a “radar” this time? I can’t believe they didn’t think about players getting annoyed for having to press v repeatly while walking just so they wouldn’t miss an object…

  26. Wow, so many fools in this thread. I’m bi, female, and I want Dorian! As soon as I find a mod, I’m going there baby! There is nothing wrong with what has been suggested, unless you’re a keyboard warrior who has nothing better to do in life. ‘Oh look at me, I’m sooooo for gay rights omg I’m going to be the best rainbow warrior in this thread!’ Bugger off the lot of you. Go and get laid for flips sake, you’re all so uptight it’s scary! Go and read 1984. Don’t tell me what to god damned think and do with my fantasies in my own home that hurt no one. Then watch Garfield the movie, because you deserve that searing pain!

  27. a lot of people upset about a mod to allow non gay romances for dorian and sera, shouldnt they be equally livid that the mod would also be allowing gay romances for cassandra and cullen? because wouldnt making them gay be a mockery to real gay people? or some such nonsense. but leaving out dwarves is completely acceptable, because who cares about them, right?

    let people do with their own game as they see fit

    also, im still disappointed with the lack of long hair

    and id totally romance the pants off varric

  28. 1. Being able to have companions at the make it table for either armor or weapons. When in the castle you have to load all the weapons onto the main character & not see what the weapon/armor will do for someone else. (Stupid)
    2. The ability to sell weapons while on a quest! Not having to go back or find a special place to sell the stuff.
    3. Much Larger carry bag! You get a bunch of stuff & wham kill a high level whatwhoever & have no room for the items that may be better then anything you are using without destroying something else that one of your companions can use?
    4. Showing armor on Bull! I have loaded Bull with some good armor (or armor of any type) & he still shows without armor?????
    5. Showing which weapon/armor is better than another by color or something!
    6. Have a home you can build that no monsters can get to & has enough stuff to give you the best of everthing no matter what class or lvl!
    7. Something to show what you can use to make this or that & where it is found!
    8. I also agree about love sceens, with the ability to shut them off for younger players!
    9. In one adventure you meet a mage who uses her staff to take down a dragon. She dies & the staff vanishes. Why? I want that powerful staff or a way to make it! (No she is not a part of the party, but that would be nice also!)
    10. Having the party members to be able to also carry items. Why are you the only one allowed to carry stuff????
    11. Being able to return to the place you left without having to go to a camp or special travel spot ONLY! (Hell you are a mage so why not.)
    12. More classes: A. Warlock, Druid, ETC.
    13. Better scientests? Why is there no one around to research new weapons &/or Armor &/or potions when you are gone? You should be able to find someone somewhere that can do this!
    14. More companions! Why the limit? How about the Dwarf full time?
    15. Love the idea of getting a dragon for the final fight! But how about a dragon trainer?
    16. Something to show you where the hidden stuff is while in game?
    17. How about better bows? Cross bows for one? (Yes, I believe they were available at this time!)
    18. Love the ability to change armor/weapons with no regard to class. BUT there should be some type of downgrade to powers if a mage uses heavy armor??? Perhaps not???

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