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Finally Got a Gaming Computer!


Thanks everyone for peer pressuring me enough to get a gaming computer instead of next-gen console :D  I got an Alienware X51 … nothing too fancy but I’ve been testing out Mass Effect and Skyrim mods like crazy.  Get ready for an onslaught of modding posts, starting with some high-res shots of my Shepard … remember, all my mods for Mass Effect can be found here!

MassEffect3 2014-05-24 17-23-06-09

MassEffect3 2014-05-24 17-23-43-05

MassEffect3 2014-05-24 17-30-39-27

Anyone wanna play with me on PC?  Drop me a note in comments!

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  1. My Origin ID is wallsg, not sure if you want to actually add me because I’m really not all not that good (most of the time it’s because I either get flanked or don’t have enough Cyclonics/Power Amps on Gold.) I’m good at some classes such as Novaguard (not a Shockwave-spamming noob though-I’m a team player most of the time, but I always Rambo for the first few waves of Gold.)

  2. Although console players can find using a keyboard over a controller confusing-same with PC gamers to controllers. However, there are controllers specifically made to be compatible with a PC-in fact, one is sitting on my computer desk right now.

    Best thing a about playing a multiplayer game on PC over XBOX: less squeakers on mic. Worst thing about being a girl with a high voice – you always get mistaken for a 12-year-old boy if you use it.

    • Tell me about it, I feel your pain. I’m pretty sure I’m almost a decade older than all the teenage boys I play with but I don’t think they believe me … :D

  3. Robine, your Shep looks totally hot, I liked the blonde (the one in your avatar) slightly more, though… :P

  4. OMG! Yay! The net is so light with actual real girl gamers. Dunno why we get called “girl gamers” and boy gamers just get called gamers though. Meh. Anyway, I recently got a gaming PC too and am finding so hard to get games on it that aren’t just action action action. I once installed this really cool journal mod on Skyrim, it lets you write freetext into a journal ingame. I started writing journal entries for my character and that was fun… But also tiresome when you’re in those switch off moods and want the PC to do everything for you. Bioware are leading in the area of actually creating games with believable interpersonal relationships in them.

    • Oh that’s so cool! I just started running mods in Skyrim so I’ll be posting a lot about that soon :) I have like 80 currently on, I hope my computer doesn’t explode! :) Can you share the journal mod?

      • Totally!!! Sorry about the long reply. Here it is: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/48375/?. Do you play many multi player games at all?

        I recommend for fun, if you havent tried them already:
        Climates of Tamriel
        Less Intrusive Hud
        Immersive Weapons
        Cloaks of Skyrim
        When Vampires Attack
        Run For Your Lives
        Realistic Wolf Behaviour
        Bank of Skyrim
        Better Hunting Prices (I think that’s what it’s called)

        Love your site! <3 Is there a list of the skyrim mods you're rocking up anywhere?

        -A xxx

  5. Hi, and congrats (belated) on your new pc. i’ve been enjoying your site for some time now, so i just wanted to say Thanks.
    Also if you want to do a game or two on ME3 MP feel free to give me a buzz anytime.
    Origin ID: zigzagzug

  6. Finally!!!

    No need to be timid about those screenshots, now! So please please start throwing them into a gallery somewhere… even on Flickr. Show off that great modding goodness!!!


    • I just started an instagram under “skyrimcam” but I’ll be posting some high res ME shots soon on my site! so fun! :D

  7. I’m currently on ME3 and loving it– I played through on 360 but always used power-based classes because I couldn’t aim to save my life. Now I’m playing an Infiltrator on PC and I’m all “HEADSHOTS FOR EVERYONE MWAHAHAHAHA”

    Anyway, I probably won’t be playing for a few weeks, but when I get back on, would you be willing to coach a newb in MP? I’m sashimigrade on Origin and I just followed you on instagram. I’d like to get my feet wet, but I’ve never been crazy about playing multiplayer with total strangers, and while you’re technically a stranger, you sound pretty cool.

    • Yeah totally, I will friend you next time I’m on, though I haven’t played multiplayer in like 3 months :(

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