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Dragon Age: New Inquisition Gameplay Trailer & Screencaps


Dragon Age: Inquisition’s official release date was just announced – October 7, 2014!  That means about 100 days until I get my DA fix :)  I tried to pre-order on Amazon today, but then I realized I wasn’t sure if I was going to upgrade to an Xbox One or PS4, so I guess I have to decide that before investing in any new next-gen games.  If you guys have any thoughts on the Xbox One vs. PS4 debate, I’m all ears!  I think the PS4 seems slightly superior, but I have so much Xbox 360 data and gamerpoints that I hate to have to start afresh on the PS4.  Le sigh, first world problems :)

As for Dragon Age, if you haven’t seen the new gameplay trailer, here it is:

While the combat looks fascinating, I (like every other Bioware fangirl/boy in the world) am really looking forward to exploring the romances in the new DA.  I hope the whole crazy fandom just appreciates whatever romances they get instead of criticizing every little thing.  David Gaider’s Tumblr had a great response to in-game romances:

There will be an inevitable reaction from people who are disappointed they couldn’t romance someone with their character of choice, and some of them will rant at length as to how they were only deprived of said romance because of some agenda. We took away that romance because we’re mean, or because we’re boring and couldn’t we see that the romance they wanted would be so much more interesting? And that romance we actually put in is not only terrible but is homophobic/biphobic/racist/pedophilia/etc., which their romance pairing would not be.

Yes, at that time, the conversation of why we even bother certainly can and will come up within the team. For the most part, it’s not hard to soon remember that we bother because there are a lot of people who enjoy the romances we write very much—and if there are people who take it to an angry place, it’s probably because they passionately care. And also probably because we do sometimes make mistakes and can indeed do better.

I personally think the romance angle is what sets Bioware games apart from other franchises – even though the romances aren’t perfect, they add to the immersive element of the game in a way that no other game studio has been able to recreate.  I mean, there’s a reason I played the Mass Effect series multiple times but only got through Skyrim once – you develop a relationship with the characters in Bioware games that makes it feel like you’re revisiting old friends every time you turn on your console.  Anyway, so everyone just be thankful that Bioware bothers to include romances at all! :D

For everyone too lazy to watch the whole trailer, check out my Tumblr gif set here!


Have you pre-ordered Dragon Age: Inquisition?  Will you?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I think I speak for everyone when I say: hell yes, Varric’s back!

    Also, for those who don’t know and can’t be bothered: returning characters include but are not necessarily limited to: Cullen, Leliana, Cassandra, Morrigan, and Alistair (yay!)

    • I think I might poop my pants when I see all the returning characters. It’s just like in Mass Effect 3 where it feels like you’re reuniting with old friends!

    • Hahahahaha I am going to be stuck on the character creation screen for approximately 5 months at least.

  2. I tried both the xbox one and the ps4 and decided to stick with the ps4. It has an easier user interface, plus games just look better on my screen than on the xbox one. I hear that xbox one is getting some neat new features soon, but they aren’t enough for me to switch. I played through the Dragon Age games on xbox 360 though, so now I get to replay them on ps3 to get ready for Inquisition, which looks totally amazing. Yay!

    • PS4 seems to be everyone’s pick … but ugh what if I got a really good gaming computer … oh the mods! :) But then I waste a perfectly great TV … le sigh. What to doooooo

  3. You’re absolutely right about the relationships between a PC and NPC is wait makes Bioware games unique. Not just romances but the “friendships” you miss once the game is complete. It make it harder for me to play other types of games.

    And I’d say get a PC. It has one huge advantage over xobx or ps4 … MODS! They can make playing the same game seem almost like new.

    • Mods are seriously the only reason why I’d get a PC – they really do make everything better, plus beautiful screencaps!

  4. Hi Robine! :D Cool new posts, thanks! :D
    Ehhh… Pepsi vs. Coke, Greeks vs. Trojans… geeee… Personally, I hate this XBOX One vs. PS4 debate. Both of them are actually beefy (but not even the most beefiest :)) PCs, basically compatible hardware. Yet you are forced to have both of them if you want to play the exclusives that are targeting only one of the platforms. It is just plainly silly.
    BioWare games are traditionally released for both and since their cradle was the PC I sincerely hope they will keep releasing titles for the PC still… There should be only one gaming platform with different kinds of controllers and interfaces, that would be better for the players and the game developers but I think it would make too much sense for this crazy world… :)
    So if you are looking were looking for hints:
    – The difference between the two hardware is marginal. PS3 was a better hardware than XBOX 360 yet I do not think that there was so much difference between the titles running on either.
    – If you are into the bunny-hopping stuff in your living room (Kinect) then XBOX is the way to go. You will not see that controller and those titles appearing for PS4 in the near term future.
    – Look into the exclusive title lineup for the consoles and choose the one that is closer to your heart. It is eventually not the battle of the consoles but the battle of the exclusive titles that will decide this war on the long run.

    Stay safe and Keep the Posts Coming! XD

    • Thanks for the tips! There really hasn’t been any exclusive game that has tipped me over toward any side yet :( Maybe when Halo comes out, it will force my hand. I would love to mod Skyrim though and so I’m starting to lean toward PC but at heart I’m really a console gamer and using a keyboard to game feels weird to me …

      • I do not own any of the consoles (OK I have a Wii U, but sssshh… :P), I haven’t even had an XBOX, and I was constantly laughed at as I was working for Microsoft for years… :D I am a on old, traditional PC guy and it would be definitely better for me if you just came over to us, to PC… :P Then we could kick some major butt together in the next iteration taking place in the ME universe… :P
        The big TV: you can definitely use a PC with the biggest TVs and you can have a secondary smaller monitor for close-ups and you can use XBOX controllers (I cannot se a good reason to use it in an FPS like ME, though… :P). I have a 42″ Sony TV attached to my PC. It is fun to play on the big screen sometimes… :)
        As I said from HW perspective XBOX One = PS4 = Strong PC. You can have a stronger PC than any of them anytime. The only reason for going console is the exclusives as for instance they will never release Halo, Dance Central, etc. for the PC… :P
        So c’mon Mam, lets PC together! :D

      • Arnie, my new gaming PC just came in the mail yesterday!! :) I’m so excited!!! How do we play together? I usually pirate PC games tho …

  5. Hey Robine! :D I am glad that you made up your mind! :) I was laughing ot loud on the pirated games stuff, reminded me of my childhood years… :P
    Currently I am trying to find some more creative stuff to do (like when you are writing or doing your amazing art projects) and focus less on gaming. So being a person prone to addiction after I’ve stopped playing ME:3 multiplayer, I try to avoid spending too much time with games and holding off, waiting for the good stuff (like this fabulous DragonAge title :D) to come.
    In the meantime my suggestion for you: get on Steam (if you do not have your Steam account already :)). There are a lot of interesting smaller titles available for fair prices, a lot of independent groups, a lot of creative projects that could use your talent. :D
    I sincerely hope that DragonAge will have its multiplayer mode and that we can play together when it is finally released! :D
    Until that I am awaiting your posts, Ma’am as always! :D

  6. Great and i m still waiting for this Game and you make me so excited all graphics are great and good to play all time my favorite blog i book marking and visit other more time..thank you so much..

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