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This is a combination between EDI’s armor and the Knight Reckoner armor.  Comes in multiple colors: black on black, red on silver, and silver on white (pictured).  Thanks to Ottemis and her wonderful extra shiny HD retexture for EDI’s armor!

Update: Though I linked and credited Ottemis’ retexture for the EDI torso, she doesn’t feel comfortable with me using it in a mod on a site that allows donations.  I will update this mod to use a standard EDI torso texture and reupload.  Please check back later!



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  1. Awesome armor, So this armor replaces what armor? ( sorry im kinda new to this modding thing)

    Also, Where can i get that hair in the second and third pic?

  2. This is probably the complete wrong place to ask but I have a question! I’d love to use your custom Shepards in playthroughs but I really really love going through all 3 games with each character. Is there a way to import the headmorphs into ME 1 & 2? I’mma guess that the makeup and skin texture might not be there but even if its just the basic face I’d be satisfied! Please let me know if this is possible!

  3. ok seriously your mods are amazing having trouble deciding which ones to download they all just look great. Anyways just saying thanks for making such good stuff.

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  5. This armor looks amazing! I understand your website has been down past couple of days. Just wondering if you have removed the download link for this armor?

  6. General question for anyone reading…
    There’s a PSK file… i don’t know what to do with it, the other armours didn’t include a PSK file. I’m poking around in the dark here, i found a replacer mod which puts breather masks where a helmet would, it has instructions on installing a mod with a PSK file. I’ve altered the wording so it’s more neutral and easier to interpret for general use, but still, i’m having to innovate on unfamiliar ground.
    Can someone provide any info plz? I don’t wanna screw everything up.

    • You are trying to replace a helmet with a breather mask, like liara’s or ashley’s?

      1. Open your ME3 Explorer

      2. Go to Developer Tools -> Mesh -> Meshplorer.

      3. Depending on whether you are female or male Select File -> Load PCC BIOG_HMF_HGR_SHP_R.pcc for female. BIOG_HMM_HGR_SHP_R.pcc for male.

      4. For female, open these two meshes:
      For male, open these two meshes:

      5. Select Transfer -> Import from PSK.

      6. Once Meshplorer is done, close the tab and select Developer Tools -> Texplorer.

      7. You will have to look for BIOG_HMM_HGR_SHP_R only this time. Within that go to subfolder SHPa -> Base. (Ctrl F for quick find)

      8. Right click on HMM_HGR_SHPa_Norm -> Easy -> Add Biggest Image -> head_norm.dds, then right click on HMM_HGR_SHPa_VIS_Norm -> Easy -> Add Biggest Image -> mask_norm.dds.

      9. Select File -> Save Changes.

      10. Go to TOCbinupdater to save any changes.

      • Now you have to edit Coalesced.bin with the ME3COALESCED editor.

        1. Go this path -> biogame.ini -> sfxgame -> sfxplayercustomization -> helmetappearances = (multiple).

        2. The helmets with the first and second ID (you can see that in the end of those pretty long code lines) are the helmets you just modified into a breather. Change HasBreather=True and HideHair=False in both lines. They should look like these:



        Done. Now your Shepard’s hair won’t disappear and the breather mask will always have the breather effect.

  7. With regards to the hosting of the armor. I just read Ottemis’ conditions. Instead of redoing the outfit in order to be able to post it on your site, you could simply post the mod on Nexus to comply with the no donations on host site clause. Nothing in the conditions say you can’t put a link to this from the Nexus posting to GPG. Honestly, I found your awesome site initially through nexus, posting an armor as awesome as this would only bring you more traffic through nexus.

  8. Hi i am very new to modding and i dearly love this armor,I dont have a clue on how to place it where the defender is,,heck dont even know which one is the defender in MEexplorer.
    If someone would be so kind in guilding this complete noob in this. I love your site and i have recomended it to many of my masseffect addicted friends.

  9. Gah, I’m always late to the party. Any chance of this getting uploaded anywhere? It’s an awesome suit of armor and I must have it!!!

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