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Sparta Mod for Vega


This is an experimental mod.  The cape animates really poorly so it’s not to be used in-game.  However, the mod is quite hilarious and good for screenshots from certain angles.  I’ll finish this mod if there is demand for it – otherwise, just enjoy the screens! :)

Let me know in comments if you want me to finish and share this mod!

See the Kaidan version of the mod here.

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    • I’ve never played as Mshep or romanced Vega though so I don’t have any experience modding that – however, I do know it is definitely possible. All you have to do is replace Vega’s mesh and textures for the romance scene with his shirtless one.

    • Hi, this mod is not really playable – the cape animates really poorly and the skin color is all off, hence why I haven’t released it. If you still want to use it despite all its flaws, I can upload it for you?

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