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Elegant Blue Apartment Mod


[youtube id=”F983SrvidLc” width=”600″ height=”340″ position=”left”]

This is a beautifully done retexture of the Citadel DLC Apartment by HeatherShepard aka NemesisDivina99.  As someone who has modded the Citadel apartment before, I can attest to the amount of work and effort that went into making this mod – it is gorgeous!  Such a refreshing, modern upgrade!

Download here!

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  1. Now imagine…. RAINBOW colours!! That’d be crazy.
    I was thinking though, what about Green/Orange/Yellow, i know they go together i’ve seen ice cream with that mix and it looked great.
    Or Purple/Black/Neutral<–too break up the other two.
    Just a thought.
    Love it by the way, but one thing is awkward – isn't it a bit weird to have alliance colours ALL through your apartment? Like being in the army, and the WHOLE interior of your house, is different shades of green, barely broken up by neutral colours. Odd.
    I'd do it if it weren't for that one roleplay issue.
    TY for hearing my incessant imaginarium.

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