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EDI HD Retexture



If you love EDI, you NEED to download Ottemis‘ EDI retexture mod!  Ottemis makes the most beautiful HD retextures I’ve ever seen and her latest one for EDI is no joke.  The mod features:

Mesh changes:

  • Removed the rim on her cleavage to accommodate outfit cut changes.
  • Reshaped her breasts.
  • Slightly reshaped her ass to accommodate texture change for the white material and metal plating.
  • Adjusted UV map to solve a texture wrap issue.

Texture changes:

  • Retextured everything except for the white material (cleaned up edges for it), wiring and metal elements completely redone.
  • All overlay sheeting removed to expose wiring and other subdermal elements.
  • Cleavage line adjusted, nipples removed, texture on breasts changed to a solid metal texture.
  • Garters removed.
  • White material and metal plating adjusted around her ass.
  • Lights added for the eyes, head, body.
  • Visor removed (optional).

Download here!

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