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21.  EDI mod for Shepard

Wear an awesome version of EDI’s outfit as Shepard … comes in N7 red and Badass Black (black not pictured).  Also replaces EDI’s giant clown tits with more proportionate boobies.  The .rar file includes two meshes (.upk) – one to replace EDI’s body with the proportionate boobs mesh and one to replace Shepard’s body with EDI’s proportionate boob mesh (labeled “Neck Fix” because Shep’s neck is bigger than EDI’s).  *Update* Due to popular demand, I uploaded a version of EDI’s armor for Shepard that has the original giant clown tits :)

Download the normal version (big boobs) here!

Download the slim version (smaller boobs) here!

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  1. Hello, there :)

    I am writing this comment due to the fact that I cannot find an accurate tutorial on how to make this amazing mod work with my game. I have been bumping my head against the wall for nearly 4 days and I cannot seem to find a solution. I would much appreciate it if you could point me to the right tutorial ^^.


    P.S. You are doing an amazing job :)

  2. for some reason when i use this as a casual outfit (havent tried replacing armor with it yet) it comes out yellowish so that the skin part is hella tan lol. cant figure out why its doing it o.O

      • as an experiment, I replaced EDI’s textures with your ones and theres no tan problem. interesting…. maybe its only when you use it as a casual outfit? buggered if i can figure out why tho.

      • i figured it out. I opened the textures in photoshop and re did a part on the butt. but i must have opened the norm file and re saved it because when i downloaded the texture again it fixed it. photoshop cant save norms correctly so i got that other program that does it (forgot the name of it lol) and its all working xD

      • The suit doesn’t seem to work as a casual outfit for me. I haven’t changed the textures at all and tried redownloading the files again and the orange-ish tint won’t ago away. If you got it to work as a casual outfit could you perhaps send me your texture files? It seems to work well enough as armor, but the neck color is a little off.

      • Hey Dee!

        I was wondering if, by chance, you could give a somewhat in-depth tutorial on how you managed to fix the yellowing. I know your comment is a bit old, but hopefully you (or anyone who is able) can help me :S.

      • I don’t know if you’re still active on this blog, but do you think you’d be able to upload your norm file for public access?

        I’m having the exact same tan issue that you were, and I’m not entirely clear on how you were able to fix it! :S

  3. Love this outfit, but having a hard time getting it to work through the install instructions I don’t suppose there is a chance you could add a .mod file to try. Its the only form so far that I have gotten to work in installing a mod. :)

  4. I really dont know what tutorial should I be going with to install this mod. Please help! oh, and when I did your hair mods like the sunset hair mod, the game would crash when I did the text mod part. I know I did everything right, and I did it twice, but it would still crash. Any advice or suggestions?

    Im a noob at this, complete noob! I just need to know where to install, what to download and I will go from there! -Thanks

  5. Where are the PCC file and the TPF file ? im new to this stuff and i follow the hair modding video.. so please understand that im a bit confused and there is not a guide that follows it ?

  6. I’ve googled it over and over, but i cant find a solution..or something i might be missing.

    I have been trying to install Edi’s armor mod ( http://mods.girlplay…armor-variants/ ). As far as i know i have done everything as it should be.. I replaced a mesh (The casual leather dress mesh), i put the files correctly in texplorer. When it’s done i get a “Done” pop up. But when i try to play the game after this, i get a list with all of my DLC’s that are missing. And i really don’t know how to fix this..
    Have i overlooked something? The only way to play my save game again is to repair the game with origin, but after that i can redo the whole mesh replacing thing again.. And then my DLC’s are missing again :P

    If someone could help me out here, i would be very grateful!

  7. Thank you so much for your work with these mods and the tutorials on how to use them. Was going cross-eyed until I found your site.

    In the case of the EDI catsuit, is there a means of getting the original texture? As I’d really like to keep the alliance colours.

    Thank you!

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