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Mass Effect: Build-Your-Own-Ending with “The Galactic Times”


Yesterday, I posted a gif set called “The Galactic Times – A Collection of Post-War Headlines” on Tumblr and got an overwhelming response, so up it goes on my blog ;)  A lot of people have asked me to do specific headlines for their favorite characters or head canons (BTW, some of you have some effed up imaginations, ha!), so I’m making the individual gifs available for everyone to mix and match as they please.  Build your own Galactic Times now!

Please link back to girlplaysgame.com if you use these gifs and like us on Facebook! :)

This is a screenshot of the original (click to see animated version):


Individual Gifs (might be slow loading on my page as they are animated, but they look great on Tumblr!):

Use this as the header:


Mix and Match these options:

Ending Specific:

ending_msheplivesending_fsheplivesending_syntending_dest ending_cont

Romance Specific:

romance_ash romance_tal romance_mirromance_jac romance_lia romance_kai romance_gar


zaeed wrex vega traynor thane tali_garrus samara mordin miranda liara_serious legion kasumi kaidan_funny joker_serious joker_funny javik jacobtaylor jack grunt elcorvolus edi cortez conradverner chakwas ashley_funny aria anderson allers hackett garrus

You can download the Photoshop (.psd) file to create your own here!

Finally, here are some more examples of The Galactic Times:

#1.  girlplaysgame on Tumblr

If you have requests or comments, please share them in the comments!  Also, please leave a link to your photoset in comments to share your head canon!  If you make your own gif, please send it to girlplaysgameblog@gmail.com so I can add it to the collection :) 

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