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Mass Effect: Happy Tequila Se’lai Tuesday!


Get it?  Geeeeeetttt iiiiit? :P  As always, you can download the full version by clicking below or buy a print on DeviantArt.  Unfortunately, Deviantart prices the prints automatically or else I’d make them free … If anyone knows a better way to allow people to order prints, please let me know.  If you do buy a print from Deviantart, please let me know so that I can refund you the 20% that Deviantart gives to me as the artist, as I don’t want to make a profit from Bioware’s property.


Documentation:  Tali belongs to Bioware and Patron belongs to Patron.  The image of Tali comes from a screenshot of the Mass Effect game that is shared on Wikia.

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  1. Loved it! DAT PUN! <3

    About the price thingie… You can just host the file in Mediafire or something with 300 DPI, print size and everything. =D

    • People can already download the high res version on DA, the problem is being able to get it in print form … I feel like DA makes this process the easiest, but I also don’t feel like getting sued :( Le sigh.

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