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Mass Effect: Top 10 Most Satisfying Renegade Actions in Mass Effect


Having done a more Renegade playthrough this time around, I have to admit that being bad feels real good.  You’ll notice that there aren’t any “real” Renegade actions listed here (like killing the Rachni queen or lying to Wrex about curing the genophage) … I prefer my Shep to a badass, not an over-the-top full-Renegade douchebag.  Here are the top Renegade actions that put a smile on my face:


10.  (ME2, ME3)  Punching Khalisah al-Jilani in the face

Is there anything better than punching her the first time in ME2?  Oh, right, punching her again in ME3 and walking by her unconscious body slumped on the ground in the Citadel Embassies over … and over … and over …


9.  (ME2)  Shooting the Krogan assassins that come after the Patriarch on Omega

Shooting those guys without warning actually made me feel bad at first but the Patriarch’s glee afterward made it all worthwhile.

maxresdefault (1)

8.  (ME2)  Kicking that guy out of the window while you’re on the mission to recruit Thane

What kind of idiot doesn’t answer when Shepard asks him a question?  A dead idiot.


7.  (ME1)  Calling the Hanar a “big stupid jellyfish”

I dunno why I thought this was such a satisfying Renegade dialogue.  Maybe I have a thing against jellyfish.  *shrug*


6.  (ME3)  Kicking Diana Allers off the Normandy

Yes, I recruited her specifically to kick her off the ship.  I love how butthurt she gets.  Bye bye, Jessica Chobot.


5.  (ME2)  Headbutting the Krogan Clan Gatagog leader Uvenk mid-sentence on Tuchanka

When in Rome … I love how surprised the Krogan looks afterward, like he can’t believe what just happened.  Headbutting a Krogan is like running face first into a wall – only badass if you do it on purpose.

maxresdefault (2)

4.  (ME3)  Punching Quarian Admiral Gerrel after he fires at the Geth Dreadnought you are on

Did you learn nothing from the Collectors in the opening sequence of ME2?  You don’t blow up a ship Shepard is on unless you want to get your ass handed to you later.


3.  (ME3)  Stabbing Kai Leng with your omni-blade

Stabbing Kai Leng was bad ass, but I think that shattering Kai Leng’s sword with your fist as he tries to stab you in the back is actually way badder ass.

“That was for Thane, you son of a bitch!”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.


2.  (ME3)  Shooting Udina

I never liked that guy even when he wasn’t a traitor so there was literally NO hesitation when I saw that Renegade interrupt pop up.  Udina is the guy that makes full Paragons hit their first Renegade interrupt!


1.  (ME3)  Shooting the Catalyst in the face

Rejecting the Catalyst makes the most sense given Shepard’s personality and history regardless if you’re Renegade or Paragon.  And once you hear the Catalyst say, “SO BE IT!” in his creepy Harbinger-like voice, you really feel like you made the right choice.  Couple that with what SHOULD have been the ME3 ending, courtesy of Arkis, and you have the most satisfying moment yet:

“The battle that follows is the epic conclusion, as Shepard watches, broken and bleeding, as everything s/he has put into this unified force throws itself at the Reapers. This is where all those decisions come to fruition. We want to see those War Assets fighting. The Destiny Ascension obliterating a Reaper with its main gun before being swarmed over by Destroyers, the Geth armada pulling along side to save her. The Salarian STG calling in a biotic artillery strike on cluster of Reaper troops. Wrex and Garrus, on the front sharing a  stern moment in cover, before nodding to each other, brothers in arms, before charging over the barricade. Back to back, they face down hordes of husks, Wrex shouting defiantly, “You think you can take our future!? You think YOU CAN TAKE MY CHILDREN?!”

We want to see the Quarian flotilla scrambling, all guns blazing, trying desperately to form a battleline, as one of the admirals quietly turns to their crew, signalling his ship all ahead full. “For the homeworld. Keela …” their words cut off as the live-ship rams a Reaper, exploding spectacularly and damaging two others. We want to see the Normandy frantically weaving through the wreckage, Joker and EDI yelling warnings to one another as the fleets explode around them. We want Tali leading a charge of Geth Primes against a Cannibal gun line. Rachni drones swarming over a Reaper Destroyer by the thousands, pulling it apart from the inside. We want to see Grunt wrestle a brute to the ground and unload his shotgun into his head.”

Which Renegade action gave you the most satisfaction?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Ok first I love this new layout! Second, I totally agree with everything you just posted, especially Diana Allers – SHE IS THE WORST. Literally. The worst. Kicking her off the Normandy may be my #1.

      • I hated the character, but always tolerated her. Well… I say tolerate… I mean to say I was a jerk to her all the time but never took her off, because freedom of the press and all that.

      • Yes. We do. I think it’s her face… She’s not attractive (or alien) enough to come on as strong as she did and have Shep flirt back lol

  2. Nr 11 (ME2)
    Shooting Conrad Verner in the foot.
    I hate these bastard.

    Nr 10 (ME1)
    Location Virmire.
    Shooting the trapped Salarian and let the one normal in his cell.

    Nr 09 (ME1)
    Shooting Wrex by my self on Virmire.
    I do not like Wrex. He thinks he is better then my lovely JenShep.
    He point a gun at me. So be it.

    Nr 08 (ME2)
    Shooting the hostage in the shoolder to get Vasir.

    Nr 07 (ME2)
    Let the Stoned Biotic God running into the trap.
    Always funny

    Nr 06 (ME2)
    Let the Baterian bartender drink his own mix.
    He try to kill my JenShep. Bad mistake.

    Nr 05 (ME1)
    Internal Affairs
    Anoleis & Parasani kill each other.
    My Jenshep does innocent.

    Nr 04 (ME1)
    Squash a space monkey with the mako.

    Nr 03 (ME2)
    The Window Smasher on my way to recruit Thane.

    Nr 02 (ME2)
    The whole scene in the Afterlife VIP lounge.
    I love this part so much.

    Nr 01 (ME1)
    Only 4 words.
    Let the Council die.
    This is my best renegade decision ever.
    I hate the council so much it was liberating to get rid of them.
    They never trust me. Hold me back. Grounded me.
    I have only one rule. Don´t fuck with my Jenshep.
    Otherwise it will end bad.

    I played ME always the Renegade way (60% Renegade / 40% Paragon).
    I am a men but prefer to play with a FemShep. Never try the MenShep.
    His voice doesn´t sounds like a BadAss. In my oppinion he has a pure paragon voice.
    There are no Renegade action from ME3 in my list because ME3 was too soft for me.
    ME3 lost the real renegade feeling.
    Most of you will not agree with my list and call me heartless.
    You do not need to accept my decision but tolerate them.

    Screenshots of my decision are in the 7z archive.

    • Thanks for sharing! I also hated the Council but I always let them live because the new Council that replaces them seems even worse! Femshep/Jennifer Hale definitely has a great Renegade voice. Equal parts sexy and scary :)

  3. Your endgame description was…
    It…it left me for a loss of words. The scene was beautiful, frightening, serene, chaotic, worrisome, and self-assured. This game changed my life, but YOU, you have changed this game for me in ways that I never imagined. Thank you for those jarring images.

  4. I didn’t have a problem with Allers, really, but I do wish I could kill Kai Leng harder and more often. Maybe cut off his head and kick it out an airlock. Maybe chop him into tiny bits and stomp on them.
    I hate that smug little bastard.
    Oh, and hi! Love the site. I’m currently playing through the trilogy again, this time on PC, and really enjoying it– turns out I can actually aim when I’m using a mouse and not thumbsticks.

  5. I cannot believe no one has mentioned the renegade interrupt during Miranda’s loyalty mission in ME2. The scene where they just arrive at the docks and the mercenary (trying to be all badass) gets PPWWWNNNDDD by Shepard. It was one of the best renegade interrupts in the series (IMO).

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