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Defiance: To Buy or Not to Buy?


So, I think the Mass Effect online multiplayer is starting to reach critical mass in terms of the number of people who have abandoned the game.  And, as much as I love it, I may move onto a new obsession here shortly.  I’ve been hearing good things about Defiance – have any of you played it and what do you think?  Is it an adequate way to wean myself off ME? :)

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  1. I Have Not Played The Game Myself, But I Have Friends That Have Played And The Play Seems Adequate To Good, But Having Computer Experience, And Knowing It’s A Cross Platform Game, I Hesitate To Buy As The Game Is Prone To Server Issues And That Is What My Friends Keep Complaining Of.

  2. I’m a bit disappointed that ME3 is going critical mass too! I bought Defiance when it came out. At first it had A LOT of server issues but they seem to be getting them resolved so gameplay is more seamless with less interruptions. I’m sticking with the main mission at the moment, but exploring the MASSIVE map and so many side missions make it easy to completely lose track of time. I’m not really that familiar with MMO’s and I don’t have a handle on the multiplayer or coop aspects. I’m looking forward to learning more. :-)

    • I’m not big on MMO’s in general but I think Defiance might be ok … it got bad reviews though so that’s the only reason I’m hesitating … that, and nothing can replace ME in my heart ;) PS great playing w/you the other day, let’s do it again soon!

  3. Everyone on my friends list that used to play me3 religiously has switched to this game….that makes me a saaaaaad panda

  4. ME 3 was great but way before they stopped offering challenges, it was becoming a ghost town. I did play a lot with PUG’s and there were fewer and fewer sessions available.

    I would mainly start my own game and more times than not, I ended up soloing.
    I miss all my characters and the fun of the challenges.

    When I got Lone wolf and the Best of the Best., that was basically it for me. I try and go back when I see a friend or two gaming but it seems so lonely now.

    So to the subject at hand Defiance, I am enjoying it. a friend made during the beta started a clan which I ended up joining. But for me the missions are challenging. There is a lot of depth not just missions and PVP but side challenges and of course achievements..

    Solo co-op and pvp a lot to do and a lot of fun!

    • Yeah, it’s almost impossible these days to get into a PUG that’s not on Giant or missile glitchers. Le sigh. I think it’s time to get Defiance, especially since it seems like a lot of my readers have switched over!

  5. As a shooter? Worse than Mass Effect by far.
    As a game where there’s a lot of people? Getting better.
    As a story? The TV show is well worth it.
    As something to kill a few hours on? Pretty good.
    Overall? Not as good as ME3 but still a fun game and very much enjoyable. It really depends on how much it’d cost you from wherever you’d buy it.

      • The TV show isn’t needed but the two are interwoven*.
        Without one, the other slightly lacks.
        Having just the game makes it lose some of its story line and turns into more of a generic sci-fi shooter.
        Still fun, just not something I’d imagine anyone would get immersed in. Again, really it depends on how much you’re willing to pay for it.

        But yeah as a side note: watch the show if you like Sci-Fi shows. Personally, I find it has a feel somewhere between Firefly and BS:G being a good sci-fi western.

        *People from the show cross over into the game often (for example, the main characters in the show cameo in the game about 30sec after your character is made) and similarly people from the game will cross over and affect the show slightly. Or so they say…

  6. Having gotten further into the game than when I last responded, I would like to make an addition.

    Though, I still feel that the story would be hindered without watching the show; I would amend that sentiment to being the overall atmosphere, ambience and world is lacking slightly but the individual story of the game is quite good (compared to other MMOs I have played).
    Also, if you absolutely feel the need to “wean [yourself] off ME” this is almost certainly the game to do it with.

  7. Hi, first post here. I’ve been looking forward to this game 2 lol but there is something stoping me from buying it >.<

    If I may, just to kill time for a while, while you get the game (if you go for it) I recomend you to try a game called Dragon City since I read you like iPad casual games and played dragonvale. It's a simple and fun game.

    Anyway, I like a lot your blog and found it pretty usefull when i played ME3 congratz on it!

  8. I’ve been playing defiance for a few weeks now and judging from the people on my friends list who play it, it seems like it’s a detox for mass effect 3 addiction. Side effects may include defiance addiction.

    • Ha that gave me the lulz … I tried watching an ep of Defiance and couldn’t get into it, so I figured I’d just replay the campaign of ME series again :) Ah, satisfaction.

      • There will always be the few of us still dedicated to Mass Effect.
        Though we may dwindle we shall never stop crusading against the Reapers.

  9. The other thing about Defiance is that servers are local, i.e. if you’re in the US you will never meet anyone from the Europe / other servers (unlike MP in ME).



    • That is something I really dislike about the game. I miss playing with my friends from other countries. Apparently you can get around it in the PC version, but not the console version.

  10. I have been playing Defiance for awhile, since I stopped playing ME3. It is not a bad game, However, be aware it is a shooter with with a social aspect added. There are a wide range of activities, PvE, PvP, GvG. However, there are still many bugs that need to be resolved. There is no real roleplaying aspect, I miss that from ME3.

  11. I’ve gotten into ME3 multiplayer recently, bit dissapointed by the lack of people sometimes, especially in Gold. Having played only three or four months I don’t really have the gear to carry a team either. I don’t think anything will fill the niche ME3 does until ME4. There is nothing quite like it.

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