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Mass Effect 3: The New Way to Farm Platinum on Firebase Glacier (Hazard)


If you’re like me, you need some fast, easy credits to get all the new DLC content.  Well, here is the new farming strategy for Platinum on Firebase Glacier that takes less than 20-25 minutes:

Map:  Firebase Glacier Hazard (with the electrical field that eats you)

Characters Needed:

1 x Geth Juggernaut (preferably with the build I recommended here or full defensive build)

3 x Any combination of these following characters:

– Geth Trooper with Flamethrower spec’d for damage*
– Krogan Warlord with Electrical Hammer*
– AIU Infiltrator with Snap Freeze*
– N7 Paladin Sentinel with Snap Freeze
– Vorcha with Flamethrower
– N7 Demolisher Engineer with Pylon
– Volus Engineer with Recon Mine spec’d for damage

*my preferred setup


– N7 Fury Adept with Annihilation Field spec’d for Radius damage
– Asari Justicar Adept (with Bubble spec’d for warp and damage inside bubble)
– Actually, you can probably use any biotic with good area damage powers (Shockwave, Biotic Slash, etc.)


So, basically you’re going to camp in the back of the room at the top of the map with the two doorways:


Place the Juggernaut at the intersection of the two entrances A and B.  Everyone else stands behind the Juggernaut towards the back wall.

The Juggernaut stops all the bad guys while everyone else can just continually spam powers and fire their weapons.  It helps if you (the Juggernaut) have Hex Shield to put in front of one entrance (usually entrance A) while you melee/hold enemies at the other other entrance (entrance B).

Additionally, the Hazard electrical field will occasionally come inside the room and eat up the enemies and it won’t touch you if you stand far enough back in the room.

There, it’s really that easy!  You’ll have a bajillion credits in no time :)

Have you used this farming technique?  Let me know in comments!



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  1. Another platinum farming level? Okay, but did something happen to. Firebase Rio? Or is this just another one?

  2. Can someone play with me on platinum? I’m getting lonely these days, If you want to send Ferial56 a friend request. Sorry for bothering all you mass effect 3 pros.

    • Yes there is. I tried it last week. catch me online on xbox and I’ll tell you there. If you want to post it up, be my guest, but I’d rather tell you than post it up here myself.

    • I’ll try and hit you up tomorrow k? I’m fairly successful when playing platinum now even if I have to use the juggernaut by myself. But I do need help with keeping shields up though.

  3. Did this with a jugg, valk, edi bot and human engineer. It worked really well and I had no problem skirting around getting objevtives as edi, I did an the 4 data points, a hack and a carry objective. Edi bot is so freaking awesome! Thanks gpg. :)

  4. Wanna get back into ME3 myself but the lack of good reward unlocks are getting in the way for me. Anyone want to help me farm Gold or Platinum add me on PSN: XxPlayer334xX. Please also include that you saw got my PSN ID from here, I get alot of random friend requests:)

  5. I was running this with ,y friend and 2 randoms (open minded and actually went with it) and we found it takes a few more minutes but is easier with 2 juggernauts and 1 volus, hardly went down and no chance of an enemy slipping past to get the weaker players/

  6. see i would say the best build for this map but i dont want it getting out so send me a message over xbox live girlplaysgame

  7. me and 3 of my friends did the 1 geth jug a volus engineer with recon mine out,and 2 n7 plaadins one with snapfreeze and energy drain the other with incinerate and energy drain,tech ombo like mad,we did a full platinum in 28mins not one of use whent down try it out

  8. For the Biotic Team Asari Valkyrie Sentinel works pretty good too. The Awakened Collector Adept is also pretty good if Dark Sphere is evolved for maximum radius and damage per second; this class simply excel with other Biotics, it’s insane, explosions everywhere.

    • Very interesting idea, I’m going to try this with my team tonight, adding in a Cabal Vanguard as a test subject. Her ability to phase through walls might make it easier to do objectives.

  9. Would it be possible to do this with 4 juggs or 1 juggling and 3 geth infiltrators. I personally think you can. Can you maybe reply and tell me later on?

    • Yeah definitely 4 juggernauts … it might be hard to use 3 geth infiltrators because their damage is primarily weapon-based and it might be hard to go get ammo from that room.

      • Geth Infiltrator with Collector SMG X (if you’re lucky enough to have it) with extended mag, extended barrel, SMG rail amp 3, and Armor piercing 4 melts everything in seconds. Its only weaknesses are shields/barriers, but they only take a few extra seconds. I thought this gun was crap before I got it to 10, but it is amazing on him. I usually take my Harrier as a back up in case I overheat it, but if you want to never have to get ammo, take a Lancer or Particle rifle. Lancer is much lighter, if you have it.

    • I tried sending you a message Flamingo and it says your GT doesn’t exist. maybe you mispelled it. Anyway mine is TheGamerTrainer so hit me up when you get this.

  10. Gamertag: ZZGooch on Xbox, I typically run as GJ, Slayer or Ghost, but am happy to play as whatever for the team, I have all my gear except higher leveled URs. Would love to find a group of people looking for a platinum team mate. I don’t have a mic but I play for the team and happily support/follow those who do have mics. Also, I love Mass Effect (and this blog) :)

  11. tryina farm on gold and platinum. preferably a platinum but idc. PSN name is EffinEvil420.
    got quite a few of the characters for this specific farming method so im game for any variation.

  12. I get the “camp in the back of the room” but how do you possibly manage the objectives like drones and such that require you to leave your safe haven?

  13. Hey, nice guide. I have BotB friends who can solo platinum half asleep and drunk but I can’t even duo gold. Problem is I’m only good at certain classes (Novaguard, FQE etc.) but suck at others.

    Since everyone is posting their GT/PSN/Origin ID in the comments I’ll just go ahead. I’m a masterrace scrub, add me on origin if anyone plays on PC (wallsg.)

  14. This is more efficient with an the awakened collector, rather than ‘any character who has shockwave’. His seeker warms detonate, and his dark sphere sets up bio explosions outside of the room and does devastating damage upon exploding. He also has dark channel that can also bounce outside of the room. I promise, definitely the way to go. I have it down to a science, even objectives, and my buddies and I average 19 minutes with only going down once or twice, if that.

  15. @ Abram.. not saying that the Awakened collector won’t Work.. it will and does however FYI.. biotic explosions on average do 1000 less damage than Tech explosions… a good tech team can finish under 20 minutes.

  16. @ Girl plays Game.. only found this site a few weeks ago… GREAT JOB GREAT INFO! Started playing ME 3 Multi. Again and have been pleasantly surprised at the Number of people still playing! Fans for sure! Don’t know if you’re still updating or playing, but KUDOS none th less!

  17. Need to qualify another detail for anyone reading my last two comments.. biotic explosions do massive amounts of damage against certain defenses.
    The warp shock wave explosion is by far the highest damage in the Game. At around 6244 When used against Barriers and Armor.. However.. the highest average damage against ALL types of enemies, defended or not, is the tech explosions from snap freeze and electric hammer at 4705-4706… at the higher levels.. Gold and especially Platinum, a team consisting of both damage types would Work Best considering the High Number of shielded, barrier and armored targets that spawn. Ok.. now I feel better.. lol

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