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Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC List of New Characters, Weapons, etc.


Here is the full list of all the new DLC content:


Adept – Awakened Collected (Ultra Rare!  UGH)
Soldier – Geth Juggernaut (Rare)
Engineer – Talon Mercenary (Rare)
Sentinel – Krogan Warlord (Rare)
Infiltrator – Alliance Infiltration Unit (Rare)
Vanguard – Cabal (Rare)


Adas Synthetic Rifle (Rare)
M-11 Suppressor (Rare)
Executioner Pistol (Rare)
Geth Spitfire (Ultra Rare)
M-7 Lancer (Ultra Rare)
Venom Shotgun (Ultra Rare)
Blood Pack Punisher (Ultra Rare)


SMG Power Magnifier (Rare)
Pistol Power Magnifier (Rare)
Shotgun Ultralight Materials (Rare)
Sniper Rifle Ultralight Materials (Rare)
Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials (Rare)


Batarian Gauntlet (Rare)
Geth Scanner (Rare)

Well, 3 million credits later, and I don’t even have every new character!  Only one I’m missing is the Awakened Collector (Ultra Rare), which is pretty much the one I really want!

I was dumb and bought a bunch of Arsenal and Reserve packs in addition to mostly Spectre Packs today – you can see my updated pack stats here (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AgFF7W7FLyE5dGE0T0dRalA2TWJEYVg3TXRVZVJfMGc#gid=0).  Basically, the Reserve packs were a waste.  At least one card was a common blue character card, so that was wasted.  Arsenal packs were great – got 2 URs though they were the Scorpion and the Black Widow.

I also only got one out of the four new Ultra Rare weapons.  Bah.  Time to start grinding for credits – I’ll be on most of the day if anyone wants to join me! :)  I’ll put out a review of the new weapons and characters (with builds) as soon as I can!

PS, sucks to be at work/school for some of you! :P

What did you get today?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Hey I am on most evenings, add me if you need a grinding partner gt is eurytomid :) I spent 3 mil as well and I have all the characters maxed minus Collector Adept (missing one), all 3 rare guns and both gears maxed. NONE of the new UR weapons…:(

  2. My 2 friends and I are always looking for a good fourth player for Mass Effect and other 4 player team games. My gamer tag is EugenicCleansin. Send me a message… I will be on all day(like every other) trying to get the collector as well.

    • Yes I noticed that – I also noticed that some weird reverse effect happens that can’t be corrected with a Respec Card – My Sentinel has only 81 total points to spend rather than 83 at level 20! Don’t know exactly what happened, but beware …

    • It has worked so far on the Talon Mercenary but not the Geth Juggernaut, even though the other soldier builds (geth, quarian) got it. Not sure why this is for me…

      • The glitch is a bit unstable and can get bugged (the negative talent points) or simply not work at all.

        For example, if you get a level up when trying to perform the glitch, and you’re not hosting and then the leader leaves, bye bye, won’t work and you’ll have to try on the next level.

  3. Im going full stats on the new infiltrator, she is pure perfection. Hardly ever use medigel, and the way she is so highly adaptable. Its like they made the perfect infiltrator for me. Also really like the collector and cabal, 2 very good classes.

      • The Cabal is deadly. With the right evolutions she can beat the shit of Banshees with melee alone, and with her mobility it’s easy to avoid getting sync-killed. But she’s way too squishy, and no Biotic Charge is pretty sad.

        The Alliance Infiltration Unit, on the other hand, is pretty much the most awesome Infiltrator alongside Turian Ghost and N7 Shadow, maybe more due the sweet Snap Freeze that I love so much.

  4. Got all the characters, none of the UR weapons though, personally I think the awakened collector is garbage. Cooldowns of 2/3 powers are 10+ seconds, and they’re pretty frail. I feel like all the ultra rare characters are a waste. The new infiltrator is amazing though, and the krogan warlord is pretty badass as well

    • Yeah I got a bit disappointed with the Awakened Collector. His cooldowns are too high and I don’t like the Biotic Orbs-like mechanic of Seeker Swarms, or how Dark Sphere takes SO long to travel to the target. I think we still don’t know how to use his full potential, but so far I’m not impressed.

      I personally liked the Geth Juggernaut and Alliance Infiltrator Unit. The Cabal is very cool and pretty deadly, but way too squishy.

    • Love the new fembot infiltrator :) I like that the Krogan Warlord’s health regenerates but I feel like the hammer doesn’t do as much damage as it should for something that looks so cool

      • With the maximum melee and power damage upgrades he can take 1/3 of Banshees armor with Biotic Hammer, it’s pretty awesome. But sadly it’s too slow (making you easy prey of sync-kills), and should indeed do even more damage.

      • So far the best role I have found the Krogan Warlord to fill is a ‘number cruncher’. He doesnt fair well against elite enemies like Banshee, Primes or Atlas, but he can oneshot kill anything thats not an elite with the Juggernaut gear on without using any other amps on Gold.

        So yeah, he might be a little dissapointing, but if used right, dear god does he make life easier for a team. Let him take out all the mooks and leave the big targets to the other three teammates. That hammer is like a spammable cobra missile.

    • The Awakened Collector is HARD to use, but is in no way useless. He has great synergy with Vanguards (like the Kroguard especially) and works very well with the Asari Justicar. Spec Dark Sphere for duration and DOT, fire it at the ground in a doorway, then have a Justicar cast a Warp spec Biosphere over it.

      Its like an Annilation Field landmine.

  5. i got the infiltrator in the gift pack but i saw what the juggernaut can do. they can hold off the banshees (lure them in) and the rest of the team picks them off. i like my infiltrator though, i use less medi-gel now :P

  6. Anyone have any builds for EDI? I’m stuck at work so I don’t want to waste time figuring it out at home when I could just be playing.
    Look me up on XBL if you ever need a team mate. Up for anything really including the box of shame :-) XBL: Compgod1

  7. Got the krogan warlord in my gift pack then banged out 5 gold matches , hit two spectre packs got collector adept in the second one and got the smg power mod . Pretty satisfied with that , OMG this is the best dlc ever im pretty sure i could solo gold/platinum with any of the new characters , seriously they are AMAZING once u clock how to use them ! Alot of people are saying there OPand will get nerfed but i think they wont be touched as it’s the last MP dlc .

  8. I’m down too! I’d like to start doing Platinum with people…

    The Royal SSS

    Unfortunately I did not save up… so grinding all the more necessary…

  9. I find the Talon Merc to be rather useless, minus the trip mine which is rather fun to use if done correctly. They need to fix the bow damage though…its so weak

    • The key to the Talon Merc is that his bow damage is his melee damage. It might have been a fluke, but I found that putting the Juggernaut Gear pack on him with level 3 Melee amps turned him into a beast at range. He’s very squishy and SHOULD have had tac cloak, but then he would have been broken I suppose.

    • The talon merc is meant strictly for camping and avoiding combat, his bow is amazing at range and the trip mines give him unparreled area control. Plus I love hitting enemies with concussive arrows, no other move makes them fly so far! I hated him at first but after using him more and more I find aslong as you stay on the outskirts he can be very effective.

    • I camp out by ammo boxes with Grenades +5 and surround myself with trip mines … it’s kind of funny because they basically instakill every small thing if you spec it right … but yes, I agree about the weak bow damage and the fact that it takes too long to zero in on a target

      • You play a match with 4 Talons yet? Its pretty funny, you can turn hallways into death traps or turn a wide open area into a fortified position. I just wish the Caine Mine could be equiped to other characters lol

  10. I think the new Geth is immune to being insta-killed, I have stood toe to toe with atlas, banshees, brutes and phantoms and never once got killed. ( i LOVE his health/shields)

    • Yes he is immune to sync kills, and has the highest hitstun resistance in the whole game, meaning he’s pratically impossible to stun.

  11. Someone posted a rather amusing joke over at the bioware forums, but it does seem to be true.

    This is no longer Mass Effect, its the Avengers.

    Look at what the characters for this DLC are. We have an assassin chick, a guy with a bow, a guy with a giant hammer, and a living suit of armor. Just cant figure out who the AC is suppose to be ^ ^

  12. Go ahead and add me too. Gt: “Klowny Zirkus”. BTW, yes you can max stats on the new chars as well. Got my collector and vanguard so far

  13. I’m always looking for new friends to play with! Look me up: NaFnOiD :) Anyway, my favorite so far is the Collector. My least favorite is the female Turian, unfortunately. Maybe once I find a build that works, she will rock but for now, without biotic charge, she’s a nerfed vanguard. I will say, however, her blades are AMAZING damage dealers!

  14. Have got the collector adept 3 or 4 times now and he’s ultra rare ………. He is awesome and looks even more awesome now but damn give me something else lol !

  15. So far i have unlocked the AIU and the Krogan Warlord. If anyone wants to farm platinum my gt is SU4FDRAGON7. Ps. If a Juggernaut drains enemies the perform grabs they cant grab so warlords and a juggernaut are an amazing team for damage.

  16. Riht now I have most of the characters, but after spending about a,might on reserves, I get all but warlord, jeez my luck with that thing is terrible!

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