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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation TRIBUTE


Operation: TRIBUTE (Feb 22nd-24th)

Event Description: A surprise Reaper assault inflicted deeply-felt casualties on our N7 teams and interrupted supply lines to several worlds. Many units will have to rely on standard-issue sidearms and munitions. We must honor and avenge our comrades who fell – and let the Reapers know this was a mistake, not a victory.

Individual Goal: Two objectives are required:

1)      Earn 50,000 points using the M-8 Avenger.

2)      Earn 50,000 points using Inferno Grenades.

Reward: Commendation Pack and a special tribute banner

Seriously?  I really want to skip this week’s operation … I never use the Avenger, obviously, and Inferno Grenades?  I rarely play as the Soldier class and almost never as the Batarian or Krogan, so I never use Inferno Grenades … UGH.  I’d prefer a challenging goal rather than one that just requires some grinding.  How about something more creative next time?

What do you think of this week’s challenge?  Let me know in comments.

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  1. I have the feel this weekend banner will be much more cooler than last one, the “heartbreaker” banner sucks (no offense meant for those who liked it). In case you got issues with the Inferno Grenades: try to do a fire explosion using carnage.
    The plan should be like this: use a Krogan soldier equiped with the avenger with the perforation mod and continously throw grenades and carnage. If the fire explosion doesn’t kill the target, the avenger will do the trick. In case you get first the fire grenade goal, you could change to the N7 destroyer and get the avenger goal with him. Oh almost forgot, for some reason I find reapers enemies easier to beat than earlier.

  2. Its meant to honor Robin Sachs (Zaeed – who passed away suddenly) but I’m not seeing the connection. It is nice that Bioware is honoring him though.

    PS. The Turian Ghost specced for AR damage can make even the Avenger bearable :)

    • The connection is that Zaeed’s loyalty skill is the inferno grenade, and his favorite weapon is his trust Avenger… Not sure how you could not see the connection, unless you didn’t play ME2.

      Although I agree I prefer challenges that are … “challenging” I am not opposed to easy challenges that just require me to use weapons or races. Playing with the avenger might be really fun.

  3. This might sound crazy,but the human soldiers adrenaline rush is quite amazing. It gives a 70 percent weapon damage bonus with your gear. It will boost the terrible avenger by a heavy boost! I don’t know how to use inferno grenades though, any tips?

    • There is no reason to say it “sound crazy”. The starter characters are nowhere the “worst” characters. Human Soldier with Adrenaline Rush + Particle Rifle can beat the shit of a lot of enemies in seconds.

      There’s no mystery behind the Inferno Grenades. If you plan on farming Bronze/Silver rounds yourself for the Challenge, just spec them for maximum damage and GG.

      • Soloed a bronze on giant vs reapers, fired my gun 3 times total, just spammed inferno grenades, to kill everything. Only had on grenade cap +5 gear and used the batsoldier, didnt get downed once and completed the inferno grenade challenge in one match. The avenger one actually took a few matchs with others though, but I got my valkeyrie level 3 so it was worth it.

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