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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation NIGHTFALL


Operation: NIGHTFALL (Feb 8th-10th)

Event Description: Our concentration on Reapers and Cerberus forces has allowed Reaper-controlled geth to flourish in pockets outside of the Perseus Veil. Our quarian-led and quarian-advised forces will be the key to terminating a geth offensive before it gains ground.

Individual Goal: Playing as any quarian kit, earn 50,000 points versus geth troopers.

Reward: Commendation Pack

Well, now that I’m finally back on ME3, this should be an interesting challenge since I rarely play with Quarian characters AND I’m a little rusty after a month off.  I’ll probably go with the Quarian Engineer since the other Quarian characters have Sabotage and that skill is worthless.  Hit me up if you want to play with me this weekend – I’ll send Xbox LIVE friend requests this weekend if you leave your gamertag (if you haven’t already).  :)

Which is your Quarian of choice?  Let me know in comments!


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  1. Sabotage, worthless??? I love turning a Prime, Pyro, Atlas on my side and watching them kill their comrades. I think it is sweet.

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  3. New Balance changes: (http://social.bioware.com/forum/1/topic/343/index/9544143/)

    Biotic Charge Power
    Evolution 5 chance of not causing a cooldown increased from 33% to 50%

    Annihilation Field Power
    Evolution 5 damage bonus increased from 50% to 65%

    Hydraulic Joints Gear
    Melee damage bonus increased from [5%-15%] to [10%-20%]

    Collector Sniper Rifle
    Damage increased from [68.3-85.4] to [73.0-91.3]

    Incisor Sniper Rifle
    Damage increased from [93.3-116.6] to [98.0-122.5]

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