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Mass Effect 3: N7 Weekend Operation PROPHECY


Operation: PROPHECY (December 21st-23rd)

Event Description:

Our successes on Earth have given us the capability to land materiel in several war zones. However, in order to conceal shipments to the resistance, each delivery needs corresponding strikes on Reaper targets to create a screening distraction. The operations to deliberately gain Reaper attention are extremely high-risk and will require increased numbers to spread thin Reaper reaction forces. For this mission, N7 commanders, wherever possible, will recruit and command supplemental volunteer units: recent graduates of our N7 program and soldiers who bring experience from other branches.

Challenge Goal 1: Extract once on each Earth map (London, Vancouver, and Rio).

Challenge Goal 2: Score 100,000 cumulative points against Reaper enemies.

Challenges can be completed at any difficulty.

Completion of both goals awards the player a Commendation Pack.
Completion of both goals also awards the player a banner, “Hero of the Last Days.”

Well, I’m glad the world didn’t end today so I can do this challenge :)  It seems very easy, especially if you do it on Bronze, but I expect it will take a long-ish time because each of the 3 maps is so big.  Meh.

Will you be doing this challenge?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. Smooth, this should be easy. But… Ugh, it seems the Acolyte will stay nerfed back to the original state till they fix the Missile Launcher glitch. =/

    • They just did a ban wave today of 600+ people. Hope I wasn’t one of them :) I didn’t get an email, but I haven’t been able to connect for the last hour, but I think it’s an xbox live issue since I’m having problems with that, too. Fingers crossed!

      • Wow, that’s rough. I guess those bans were probably from report, because I’ve been in a lot of matches where I see N7 Destroyers with Falcon+Arc Pistol being kicked from the Lobby.

      • Has to be report, because I was just doing it yesterday. of course, I had just got the game back from a friend, so my activity might not have shown up due to IN-activity xD

      • Well, I’m pretty sure if you get banned, you can no longer view your profile on N7HQ and I still can. I might just have to port forward my server or whatever, but that is so inconvenient. Does anyone else have the issue where they get kicked out of parties for no reason? Like it just says “xxx has left your party” and everyone gets booted?

      • Didn’t happen to me. Maybe this means people getting banned while in Lobby. Everyone gets booted? Even if said kicked player is not leader?

  2. Got the challenge, wasn’t to bad. Did it on silver and had enough reaper points by the end of the 3rd map. The banner is pretty cool, like my earth mastery better though :)

  3. Is it just me, or are these challenges just getting to easy. I’m getting really bored with M3 and all their changes and challenges. Playing more skyrym

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