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Mass Effect 3: Holiday Break!


Well, I wasn’t going to bring my Xbox home with me for the holidays but this has changed my mind:

  • 3 Kits Unlocked (Drell Assassin, Batarian Slasher, and Volus Protector)
  • All Hazard Maps Available
  • Two new card packs to help fill out your collections

Yay!  Finally, the Drell Assassin and Volus Protector!  Can’t wait to try these out :)  Will update later when I have time to play!

Update:  Ok, after all that waiting, I have to say that the Volus Protector is not as great as I had anticipated.  Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but it seems like the Biotic Charge and the Shield Boost pretty much do the same thing (restore shields), so you can skip one or the other.  I glitched mine out for 6/6/6/6/6 but it’s still not great.  Anyone have any ideas?

On the other hand, the Drell Assassin is really fun to play.  The Recon Mine is useful and the Cloak relieves some aggro so it makes the Drell Assassin a lot more durable than any other Drell.  Also, with Grenade Capacity V, the Homing Grenades can be pretty useful, especially if you’re debuffing enemies within range of the RM.

Haven’t bothered to try the Batarian Slasher yet, as his skill set doesn’t seem well-suite to my play style.

Also bought like 10 Arsenal Packs (greater chance of getting weapon) and 10 Reserve Packs (greater chance of getting characters).  I got two UR weapons in the Arsenal Packs and a lot of blue character cards for 250k XP in the Reserve Packs.  I’d like to compare PSP’s and Arsenal Packs and see which one has the higher UR weapon drop rate, because the PSP is supposed to have a great chance of getting UR’s.

What do you guys think about the new characters?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. this is irrelevent to the post but i think you should do a turian soldier build based off of preferences instead of stats. Or at least try the the turian soldier marksman with the eagle. It can take down a atlas on gold incredably fast. with the cerberus harrier it is faster but you run out of ammo fast

  2. Let me add some missing info:

    Two new packs added to the store:
    – Reserves Pack – for players who want character unlocks and upgrades
    – Arsenal Pack – for players who want weapon unlocks and upgrades

    Unlocking Volus Protector Vanguard and challenge
    Unlocking Batarian Slasher Adept and challenge
    Unlocking Drell Assassin Infiltrator and challenge

    All hazard maps are now unlocked for the Christmas holidays

    Acolyte Pistol
    – Reverting pistol to original state before the attempted rocket glitch fix since the change
    did not curb the use of the glitch

    I wonder what kind of nerf is that on the Acolyte… Does “original state” means it’s back to a charging weapon? If it’s that… NOOOOOOOOOOOO ~…

    But anyways… YAY, Volus Vanguard!

  3. Awesome! The volguard is sweet, and the drell assassin is a stealth beast! I wish volguard could self combo, shame his orbs dont set up explosions. The assassin is alot of fun though, I soloed with him on a silver and I was untouchable, he is a pro at setting up kill zones in places with lots of cover like the containers on rio. The batguard is a character I have grown to love, but the batdept looks a tad weaksauce. Does anyone else here think sabotage is rubbish?

    • Yes, sabotage is worthless. I never spec into sabotage because it rarely backfires weapons and even more rarely hijacks enemies. So is it for sure that the volguard can’t do its own biotic explosions? I thought I was doin it wrong :)

      • Yes- Orbs are a detonator, not a primer. And since his base shields are the same as a human’s, but his base health is so poor he’s basically a fragile Novaguard without the Nova. Why did I think this class was going to be so good…?

  4. I played the volus vanguard and did preety good with it. the trick is to keep the weight down. at 200 he can charge almost constantly. lets face it, charging is why you play a vanguard. But I never use the vanguard class above silver.

    • Yeah, I understand that point. Volus Vanguard is fun to use, but nothing exceptional.
      Batarian Brawler and Krogan Battlemaster are pretty much the only viable Vanguards for Gold and Platinum. Well, Male Human is too, but he’s very gear dependent.

      • I love the Batguard! I reckon the Volguard is a class that will become better with experience. The Volguard is also not meant to be used the same way as other vanguards, the hint is in the protector part of the name. He is a fast response medic, you see a teammate go down, you charge into the nearest group of enemies, pick them up and watch their backs until you link up with the rest of your squad. He doesnt have a bio combo because he isnt meant to be offensive.

  5. The Volus Vanguard is not supposed to be awesome or the best Vanguard ever. He’s nice because he’s a really offensive Volus character, unlike his other counterparts. Like the Volus Engineer, he can hold on his own just fine.

    I find him good to use with other Vanguards. Charge and then Shield Boost to keep the squad up. But yeah, he’s not fantastic, but still fun. I still prefer the Volus Adept for Stasis with Level 6 Bubble, great to keep non-armored enemies under control.

  6. I think if your game plan involves holding an area (Rio/Platinum), then the Volus Engineer is your best Volus. Nothing’s better than a teammate that can restore everyone’s shields and drop a recon mine to boost all damage. I’d love to get some players other than randoms. Gamertag = Rabbid Goats and DUMBSQUIRRELS

  7. I maxed all 5 of my valkeryies and huntress skills, and both characters are alot of fun. I really want my drell assassin maxed, he is an amazing character and I love setting up a room or area of death with him. Just keep the mine on with the damage buff and speed decrease and stay in the radius, with his already crazy speed and kungfu moves its like watching a fight in the matrix.

    • Sometimes I get carried away and when I launch a homing grenade I yell hadouken! or kamehameha! Lol. I hope im not just crazy… XD

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