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Mass Effect 3: Firebase Rio – The New Platinum Farming Level


Now that Firebase White is no longer as easily farmed, I bring you an alternative that is just as easy and quick (30-35 minutes per match):   Firebase Rio/Reaper/Platinum!  

Ideal team composition:  1 x Volus Engineer/Adept, 1 x Paladin Sentinel, 1 x Any Infiltrator, 1 x Any Tank (Destroyer, Krogan, etc.)

You can do this with any mix of characters as long as there is a Volus involved.

Basically, you camp out at the far end of the map (the side with all the storage containers, not the side with the AA guns) – at the very back, there is a storage container with an ammo box inside.  This will be your fallback position.

All four of you need to be at the far end of the map – the enemies will spawn at the other end (AA guns) and walk toward you.  You can snipe them and do long-distance damage to them until they get close.  When you start to get overrun, fall back INSIDE the storage container with the ammo inside.  Banshees can’t get inside so it’s very easy to kill them right in front of you.

Once you’re all in the crate, the Paladin needs to get out its shield and take the brunt of the close range attacks.  Brutes and Phantoms will still get at you in the crate, so you need to kill them quickly.  The Volus is primarily for spamming Shield Boost – I like the Engineer better because you can pop a Recon Mine outside the storage box and give everyone a 25% damage bonus to enemies in range – the Recon Mine also allows everyone to see enemies outside the storage box, which you can shoot at through the thin walls of the container.  Oh, and having a Medi-Gel Transmitter is great in case you all go down inside the box (happens sometimes, but rarely everyone at the same time).

As for objectives, the Infiltrator is really handy for the device activation ones, and the Volus is great when you have a hack or escort.  Lastly, for the extraction, you just need to sprint across the map when there is about 40-45 seconds left.

This method is a really easy, low-risk way to beat Platinum – I’ve done it consistently without using any equipment or consumables.  You can do it against Geth or Cerberus but NOT Collectors.  You should be done in 30-35 minutes!

Here is a video of someone using the same strategy in a different storage container with 3 x Volus and 1 x Paladin – I like my method better because it’s faster with a more diverse team and there is an ammo crate in the storage container I use :)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2O6CLZCHlFY?feature=player_detailpage]

Do you have a new way to farm Platinum?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I’ve done this in the past, and it does work. A couple of times I’ve gotten stuck in that box or magically teleported through it with a non-teleporting character.
    I’ll have to try it again with my new favourite character, Ghosty the Ghost.

  2. Just got a Volus yesterday so been looking to try this but have no-one to try it with unfortunately. Also I’m guessing a Justicar specced for a warp bubble would help the enemies go down even faster while giving everyone even more damage reduction.

    • A destroyer with a pylon spec’d for shields would help with ammo if you dont use the ammo crate, and defence.
      But a warp shield would help with armour, and defence.
      I have found that brutes and banshee can get stuck next to stationary turrets if they are placed correctly, not sure if its still the case since the dlc and update.
      Could be useful if it still works.

  3. Did this was a paladin and me fury just us. Works good like that too. The way I play the Fury everything dies anyway over and over. only needed a few revived maybe 3 and 2 healing potions whatever the hell the other heal is.

  4. Thanks for this post! I’ve been googling around and wow! it looks like a smart girl out there gave me a nice solution for me to try a platinum challenge (i’m such a coward that haven’t tried it earlier). BTW, if you play ME3 in xbox, it would be nice if I cross paths with you someday! ;)

  5. I did this with a volus adept, N7 fury, asari justicar (me), and a paladin sentinal. The justicar and fury made it really easy. When in the crate, put up the biotic barrier with warp and have the fury use anihilation field. Then there is just biotic combo after combo. We did this three times, each time quicker than the last. Our best time was about 21 minutes.

    • For sure! I am in on the PS3, I need to do some platinum farming. Just spent loads of credits last night. ID is Muiredach.

  6. Meh. Just do speed runs. In a few hours time you will nearly have all your weapons unlocked to X. Purchase nothing but Recruit packs to build up your equipment, and while you’re at it just promote as those packs always come with experience. You will get most of those challenges out of the way faster as well. Btw, once you get your medi gels maxed out you get two rockets for every recruit pack. That’s a guaranteed12 missiles compared to just five out of an arbitrary Jumbo equipment pack. Waste of time if you ask me.

  7. My team uses the following characters for this approach, and have had very good success with it..

    2 Asari Justicar – Biotic Domes overlaped on top of ammo crate, spec for damage.
    1 N7 Demolisher – Pylon placed in front of crate’s edge, under domes, spec weapon damage/shields.
    1 Drell Assassin – Recon Mine and Invisibility Cloak duration for challenge waves.


  8. Anybody on PS3 that wants to do this hit me up, I usually play at least a little about every day. Name is FinnClan. Looking to get more credits to try to unlock the Geth Trooper and start maxing out rare weapons.

  9. I have 255 thermal clips, 250 rockets and 200 medi-gels, but always less than 20 survival kits. I’m a survival kit crackwhore.

  10. I have 255 thermal clips, 250 rockets and 200 medi-gels, but always less than 20 survival kits. I’m a survival kit junkie.

  11. i would say the best way to do this is with a volus engineer, a demolisher, a geth soldier, and drell assassin
    and stat drell and volus for recon mine or do all powers glitch and demolisher’s pylon for shield and arc grenades and the geth for flamer with pure power damage with a reegar. so the geth does all dps but the demolisher does all the weapon damage but the drell does objectives and volus just spams shield boost.

  12. I only do gold for some reason, I always hated platinum because That always made me a equipment whore. I used everything. I’m terrible on platinum unless I use volus. They look funny. XD

  13. This probably will be known, but in case anyone hasn’t figured it out yet: if you’re really intending on farming Platinum for maximum time efficiency, consider having the whole team intentionally wipe out after the Wave 6 objective is done. Reason being that you’re getting the credits for a full 10 waves on Gold without having to play through a full Gold match as such, and therefore saving some time so you can another full gold amount..

  14. ZZGooch on xbox for playing Platinum. I don’t have a mic, but I listen and play for the team. Would love to find some good players looking for another competent person to join them.

  15. Hello to each and all here at GPG, I trust each off you are all in great health and in fine spirits…

    Firstly, A BIG THANK-YOU too all editors here on GPG for all the great advice which I must admit has improved my game-play.

    Having read a few off the comments regarding many folks doing Platinum solo, I would love to do even one with a team, unfortunately I have no mic atm, so if any fellow ME3 player would not mind carrying me I would appreciate it indeed, here’s some details for anyone whom may be interested…

    [XBOX GT] Homie Simpson
    [Locale] Ireland
    [Time Zone] GMT

    Kind regards and “Thanks in advance”

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