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Mass Effect 3: First Look at the New Patch, or Things That Changed But Weren’t Announced


Well, Multiplayer just got a lot harder despite the bug fixes that came out.  In my short time playing, I’ve noticed (and this is subjective, obviously) that the enemies have gotten a lot more accurate and aggressive.  They tend to swarm more and instakill more as well.

However, the Singularity power is now super beast, which means I may have to try out the male/female human adept again.  And the fact that we can headshot bosses again means I’ll try sniping once more as well.

Also, I can confirm that the invincibility glitch NO LONGER WORKS.  You still take fall damage, but you die instead of becoming invincible.  Also, all the auto-respawn points seem to be patched.  The only exploit that still works is the one where you get on top of the mountain on Condor by mashing the A button, but you won’t become invincible when you jump down any more.

Other changes that weren’t listed on the official patch:

    • Promoting doesn’t reset names, colors and doesn’t auto-assign one point
    • 20 seconds timer when 3/4 people are ready
    • Destroyer’s missile launcher now appears as ‘Hawk Missile Launcher’ in the kill-feed
    • The Geth Prime’s drone now fires incinerate at you and it stun locks you
    • The “10%” credit bonus for extraction maxes out at 1000 credits (supposedly it will take the servers another update before you’re awarded 10% of what you actually earn during the match)

Did you guys notice any updates that weren’t announced in the patch?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. FYI : Like your blog alot but the missile glitch still works and the falling through the map on firebase white still works too

      • Yes i am sure i would not be able to play online if i didn’t. My method for the missile glitch is a bit different but just as old as your method ,not many people know about it so i guess thats why bioware didn’t patch it if you would like to know how just reply to this post. i Usually don’t tell people so it doesn’t spread as fast but your blog has given me alot of good info so im willing to let you know

  2. OK so here is what you need: 1- At least one rocket/missile, 2- An explosive gun (Striker ,falcon ,krysae, acolyte..) 3- A gun that requires a charge up before it fires (Krysae,Acolyte) NOTE: The best combo is the Striker and Krysae.

    Step 1: With the krysae equipped press and hold the RT and UP on the d-pad for a count of 8-10 seconds causing your krysae to charge up.

    Step 2 : After the 8-10 seconds let go of both buttons at the same time, this should cause your krysae to fire one shot and then your character (best to be the destroyer)should automatically pull out the cobra missile launcher.

    Step 3 : Once your character is finished the animation of pulling out the cobra missile launcher press/hold X to switch back to your Krysae.

    The glitch should now be activated and you can either use your krysae to fire the missiles or you can switch to your striker and use that which should also act as a missile.

    Notes: This version of the glitch can be used in any player spot except the host ,Therefore 3 people may do it at the same time in a match.

    This way will also work every single game but it may not work the first time you try it in the game so you just have to keep trying it ,which you can do as much as you want because this method does not require you to use/waste any missiles.

    Like the other missile glitch this glitch will turn off if you take cover against a wall and you will not be able to get ammo from ammo boxes while in this glitch that is why its best to be the destroyer.

    Use this glitch if you wish but i ask that you don’t tell every random low level/little kid how to do it or else it will spread too fast. But girlplaysgame you are very welcome to make a post on your blog and you can just copy and paste the steps or rewrite them adding anything you find useful.

      • But I also hold the belief that Bioware has no means of automatically detecting this sort of activity (at least, pre-patch) and the only bans that have occurred are gamertags/PSN/origin IDs that have actually been reported.

  3. oh okay thanks I was just wondering because a guy said one was coming tomorrow which would suck cuz i feel that i have probably been reported by some online crybabies who dont like glitches but yet they will stay in the match for the credits

  4. I’m using Striker and Krysae missile glitch since 5 months and its been very handy and, its still working after the game patched.

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