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Mass Effect 3: New Patch Released This Thursday Will Fix Bugs!


Yes, it’s finally happening, Bioware is fixing all the annoying things about the multiplayer game this Thursday.  There’s a huge list of them – here are the ones I think are the best and will impact your gameplay the most (for the full list, click here):

1.  No More Invincibility or Rocket Glitch

– Fixed an exploit that allowed players to be invincible and invisible to enemies
– Fixed an exploit where players were able to use rockets from other weapons
– Fixed automatic revive at a specific spot in Firebase White

2.  No More Banshee Magnet Hands

– Fixed an issue with the Banshee being able to sync-kill players farther than she should be able to

3.  No More Invincible Enemies

– Fixed issue in which enemies surviving a detonated Stasis blast became invulnerable
– Fixed issue where enemies in Stasis surviving a biotic detonation would become un-synchronized for clients

4.  Ops Survival Packs Work Better 

– Ops Survival Packs now grant a one second damage immunity when consumed

5.  Headshots on Bosses!

– Can now headshot Banshees, Geth Primes, and Brutes for an extra 40% weapon damage.
– Can now shoot the Atlas’ exhaust port on his back for an extra 40% weapon damage.

6.  No More Vanguard Glitch

– Fixed an issue when using Biotic Charge before death that caused the match to be unplayable afterwards

7.  No More Partial Extraction on Firebase Jade if You’re Crouching

– Fixed an issue with Firebase Jade giving partial extractions when all players are already inside the extraction zone

8.  Enemies Will Kill Stomp You More Often

– Fixed an issue with enemies approaching a downed player to execute, but showing mercy and leaving

9.  No More Vorcha Flamer/Reegar Carbine Glitch

– Fixed Flamer power of Vorcha from being activated simultaneously with the Reegar Carbine

10.  More Accurate Projectile Powers (Rocket Launcher, Incinerate, etc.)

– Fixed seeking projectile powers occasionally failing to impact targets even though it appeared to impact

11.  Bonus Credits for Completing to Extraction

– Successfully extracting from a match gives 10% bonus credits. This reward does not depend on your squad members – you must extra personally to get the reward.

12.  Enemies Get “Smarter”

– Players can no longer grab Geth Pyros over cover
– Fixed pathing for Banshees so they don’t get stuck in a teleport routine

13. Weapons/Powers/Mods/Equipment Work Better

– Disruptor Rounds consumable (all ranks) damage multiplier against shields and barriers increased from 100% to 400%
– Fixed Asari Justicar from not being able to activate Biotic Sphere within range of large enemies
– Krogan Vanguard Rage bonuses now work properly
– Asari Justicar passive power evolution 3 power damage and force bonus now works properly
– Fixed SMG Ultralight Materials Mod not having impact on power recharge speed
– Fixed Armor Piercing Ammo not applying penetration bonus to secondary weapon
–  Marksman will instantly reload weapon ammunition when activated
– N7 Shadow Sword Mastery power evolution 5 and 6 now apply to Shadow Strike damage
– Attempting to equip similar weapon mods will now present a ‘Slot Occupied’ message
– All Batarian and Krogan kits will now stagger less than other kits
– Singularity power re-designed:

    • Singularity no longer has a maximum number of charges and will only be destroyed when the time runs out
    • Performing a biotic combo on someone floating in the singularity no longer ends the singularity
    • Base cooldown changed to 8 seconds
    • Base duration of the singularity changed to 8 seconds
    • Base power now does 100 points of damage per second to all targets that are in range, even if not floating in the singularity
    •  Base power sets up biotic combos on everyone that comes into range (only 1 combo added per enemy per cast of singularity)
    • Rank 3 changed to a damage over time bonus (used to be a radius and duration bonus)
    • Evolve 1 changed to singularity duration bonus (used to be a hold duration bonus and number of charges increase)
    • Evolve 5 changed to damage over time bonus (used to be a radius increase mechanic)
    • Evolve 6 now detonates biotic combos when the singularity explodes

– Concussive Shot changes:

    • Evolution 3 damage and force bonus now applies to frozen and chilled targets
    • Evolution 5 changed to increase damage by 50% and radius by 1 meter (used to take on the properties of your ammo power, but this did not work)
    • Evolution 6 damage bonus to organics increased from 100% to 200% over 10 seconds

Personally, I’m a big fan of most of these changes, though I will miss being able to become invincible :)  It will be nice to have the added incentive to finish to extraction rather than just Wave 10.  The patch isn’t released until later this week, so if you have some time before then, you might want to farm as many credits as you can while the beneficial glitches still work (rocket & invincibility).  Supposedly, a new DLC is coming out soon!

What do you think of the patch?  What are your favorite fixes and which ones do you think are bad?  Let me know in comments!

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  1. I’m glad to see so many getting fixed, and characters/powers being how they should be, but I will admit that I will miss the Missile Launcher Glitch just because I sometimes get lazy but want credits xD

  2. the missle launcher glitch can go cause if one person has it round 10 on platinum can be over in like 30 seconds which sucks. but the invincible glitch on Condor should stay that is awesome and nice that even tho you cant take damage your damage isnt God-like as with the missile glitch, so it balances it out for the other players who actually want to kill things.

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