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On November 8, 2014

Lionheart Outfit This sweet outfit is as mashup of Jack's outfit and KurauAmami’s original cropped tank top mod for Sheppie.  The shoulder pauldron and lion (wolf?) gauntlet are.

Space Cowboy

On November 7, 2014

Space Cowboy Outfit for Femshep Rock the space cowboy look with this gun holster addition to KurauAmami's original cropped tank top mod for Sheppie.  She is a.


Wedding Dress for Sheppie

In Femshep , Outfits
On November 7, 2014
Wedding Dress for Sheppie I get so many Femshep dress requests and this is probably the craziest one!  Not sure how it fits into canon but I'm sure the fandom will find a way :)  Enjoy!  Ported from the Lingling Dress for Skyrim....

Casual Liara Mod

On March 2, 2014

Casual Liara OMG how fucking adorable is Liara?  Replaces her casual appearance on the Normandy with a casual crop top and pants from Kitsumichi (AKA KurauAmami on Deviantart)! 3/16/2014 Update:.

Casual Flight Suit

On March 1, 2014

Casual Flight Suit A less blinged out version of the previous flight suit.  Simple Texmod (.tpf) replacement for the green scientist uniform (must be added via coalesced). Download here!

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