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Download all the Mass Effect hair mods for Femshep and Mshep



Download Sparks – braids hair (long and short version)

Download Lafite – messy lob hair

Download Caress – messy ponytail

Download Born to Die – long wavy hair

Download Slowly – braided crown hair

Download Shell – short bob hair

Download Nova – long center part hair

Download Shaine – long wavy hair

Download Likelust – butch pixie cut hair

Download JCrown – rolled crown with bangs hair

Download Sky205 – messy bun hair

Download Sky167 – messy high ponytail hair

Download Sky127 – sideswept braid long hair

Download Butterfly086 – short sideswept bob hair

Download Koala – long ponytail hair

Download Inkstone – high bun hair

Download Hotrollers – high volume wavy medium hair

Download High Life – short angled sideswept bob hair

Download Getup – center part medium hair

Download Edge – short side part bob hair

Download Foam Summer – wavy short bob hair

Download Toyger – messy short bob hair

Download Leon – long side part hair

Download Fallout – side part hair

Download Angelic – angled bob hair

Download Dreadlocks – dreadlock ponytail hair

Download Nouk – cornrow hair

Download Veteran – man bun undercut hair

Download Asity – sideswept low ponytail with bangs hair

Download Vivacity – sideswept medium wavy hair

Download Nicholas – short sideswept hair

Download MHawke – sideswept bangs hair

Download Daisy – short curly betty boop hair

Download Sidebraids – side braids with bangs and medium hair

Download Sky188 – side braid ponytail hair

Download Uproar – sideswept medium hair

Download Violet – wavy messy short bob hair

Download Dara – long side part hair

Download Equinoxe – wavy long hair

Download Lullaby – side braid long wavy hair

Download Gravitation – messy lob with bangs hair

Download Sky097 – loose side braid hair

Download Special – rolled loose pigtail hair

Download Sky082 – wavy center part bob hair

Download Passion – backswept long hair

Download Guinevere – long braid hair with bump

Download ButterflySims046 – side braid long hair

Download Hideout – shaggy bangs long hair

Download Sky198 – large braid updo hair

Download Vapor – angled side part messy lob

Download Studio – short bob side part wavy hair

Download Spring – side bang long ponytail

Download Dream Glory – sideswept long wavy hair

Download Macho – undercut long top hair

Download Black Bullet – curly long pixie cut hair

Download Sky148 – updo sideswept bangs hair

Download Liberty – sideswept bangs short pixie cut hair

Download Hysteria – undercut sideswept long top hair

Download Slumber – long sideswept ponytail with bangs hair

Download Sandra – high bun with sideswept hair

Download Da Bomb – long sideswept hair

Download Tonight – rolled side braid hair

Download Sweet Escape – blunt bangs lob hair

Download Hello – wavy medium hair

Download Joice – side fishtail braid ponytail hair

Download Dream – wavy angled lob hair

Download Cheerleader – high ponytail with bangs hair

Download Kerli – blunt bangs with high bun hair

Download Synthesis – curly messy bun hair

Download Dreads – dreads in ponytail and just cornrows hair

Download Top Gorgeous – messy side bun hair

Download Papaya – messy pigtail bun hair

Download Ivory – sideswept wavy long hair

Download Firenze – braided long hair

Download Te Amo – short messy hair

Download Madeleine – blunt bob with bangs hair

Download Sky190 – high long braid ponytail hair

Download Titanium – long wavy hair with braid

Download Chignon – blunt bangs with high bun hair

Download Vice City – messy side ponytail hair

Download Milk Maid – thick braid crown with bun hair

Download Chinese Girl – double bun updo with bangs hair

Download Coven – long straight hair with bangs

Download Bad Kid – undercut with long bangs hair

Download Amor – short messy bob hair

Download River – long loose waves hair

Download Elizabeth – retro lob hair

Download New Yorker – medium straight center part hair

Download Obscura – shaved sides long top ombre hair

Download Afro – afro natural hair

Download Brienne – short side part hair

Download Rough Sketch – long wavy hair

Download Flashback – side swept bang hair

Download Gantz – long messy hair

Download Chain Reaction – long hair

Download Unchained – sideswept long hair

Download Siamese – long half up Witcher hair

Download Zombrex – side part short hair

Download Footprint – messy long hair

Download Adonis – swept back short hair

Download Anders – long half up hair

Download Pompadour – slicked back hair

Download Flop – flop hair

Download Winter – short bob center part hair

Download Lotus – messy short hair

Download XOXO – angled wavy lob hair

Download Cyber – braided side buns with blunt bangs hair

Download Starlet – messy updo hair

Download Sakura – top knot bun hair

Download Moonrise – long messy loose side braid hair

Download Stella – angled lob hair

Download Loose Bun – loose top bun hair

Download Red Carpet – long wavy side ponytail hair

Download Sleeper – long hair

Download Loose Pony – loose ponytail hair

Download Footprint – short spiky bob hair

Download Crazy Love – upswept high ponytail hair

Download Fishtail Braid – medium fishtail french braid hair

Download Sunset – long half up loose waves hair

Download Peggy Braid – sideswept medium braid hair

Download Mila – short sideswept bob hair

Download Combat Ponytail – long ponytail hair

Download Lake – long loose wave hair

Download Miles Away – wavy short lob hair

Download Glam – long sideswept hair


  1. Absolutely love your hair mods, but while I can successfully install them, they’re so low resolution they look like a kid drew them on with permanent marker! A FAT permanent marker! The general shape is right, but the brow line has big blocks instead of the smooth look you show, and don’t get me started on the curls! My PC plays on ultra settings in DAI, have everything set high in ME3… is there a HR texture mod somewhere that I’m missing??? Thank you from the new-to-ME3- me!

    • Sounds like the texture .tpf isn’t applying. did you install with the .pcc file? Did you run the .tpf through texmod?

    • hey. this might be a bit late but i had the same problem. i fixed this by running TPFTools and loading the tpf file then pressing the autofix and install button and then i updated my tocbin file. this worked for me hope it helped and soorry if it didnt

  2. Hey! I shall like that you helps me ^^ I managed to install hairmod Sky148, but my femshep in him black neck! How may I adjust that? Thank you

  3. I’m having problems downloading ANY of these styles. Any chance you can bundle them together and post on say media fire??? Alternatively you could send them to my email address. Thank you so much any help would be gratefully received.

    • Hi, what is the problem with downloading? Sometimes there are too many people trying to download my mods at the same time, so check back later. If there is any one mod in particular you need, lemme know which one and your email address and I’ll share it via email :)

  4. Babe no offense but you butchered the fuk outta these lol like look at vivacity. did you use the shader for death or something

  5. Hi! Loving the hairs, using Vapor atm for my Paragon Shep :)
    Quick question; every hair I use affect Diana Allers hair as well, basically it looks like she has the hair without the textures. I don’t really care for her, but I was thinking of using this mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/masseffect3/mods/232/?), and it says around the bottom of the description that it’s “not compatible with any mods that replace the Diana Allers hair in BIOG_HMF_HIR_PRO.pcc.”, which I have done using your mods for Femshep. So I’m just wondering weather you can somehow work around this, maybe fix Diana’s hair somehow. As I said though, I don’t really care for Diana I just thought this mod might make her more bearable lmaoo

    • If you don’t want to mess up Allers’ hair, you can manually install the hair into another hairstyle using the .upk file, but then the .tpf file won’t work – you’ll have to create your own via Texmod – this will require you to go into logging mode, find the hex code of the hairstyle you want to replace, then build a .tpf from that. Or, if you want to use that Modest Allers mod, you can install it first, then install the hair mod for Shepard. It will still mess up Allers hair, but she will be wearing the modest dress :)

  6. Heya! LOVE your mods – my Sheps are gorgeous thanks to you. Just one quick issue: I’m not sure about the other mods, but when I use the glam hair mod, sometimes my shep’s hair (which is supposed to be blonde) will be completely brown except for a few streaks of her bangs which will remain blonde. It’s weird though, because that mod has worked fine in the past, but on occasion I get the mixed hair thing. Do you have any ideas/solutions to this?

    • I was having the same problem. I know you asked this like a year ago but I found a solution. You have to alter the numbers in the RAW section of Gibbed. Go to Raw Tab, click Player (on left side), Head Morph (on the right side) and change the Scalar Parameters (click on the … button) of the Highlight1 and Highlight2 from whatever number they are to a higher number, like I went from 4 to 50. Then when you change the colour of Highlight 1 and highlight 2 in the Player Tab (click Player then the Appearance tab – you will see all the boxes of colour) they will be the colour you see on your Shepard.


  7. You have some awesome mods and tutorials here! Thank you so much!

    I was wondering if it would be possible to port the Mohawk from ME2 into 3, so I can use it with femshep? Currently, Vega’s Mohawk is too long and ends up running halfway down Shepard’s forehead.

  8. Hi, sorry to bother you, I absolutely love your work ! However I have quite a problem with your mods, as my femshep’s face turns … black whenever I put one of your hairstyles. Like, not just black skinned, just full-on black, it’s actually pretty scary ! She’s got nice hair now, at least, I guess xD
    Any idea why ? I followed all your steps, and I run the game through TexMod, and honestly the hair looks great, but the hairmod looks like it affect the whole face, and maybe it’s because I didn’t download the face package ? Do you have one that needs intalling ? Thanks !

    • Check the troubleshooting guide on my site – It’s a Texmod/ME3Explorer problem, nothing to do with my mods, so unfortunately there isn’t really a great fix for it. :( Which hairstyle are you using?

  9. Hi there. I’m wondering if you could help me with a problem. I’m having this issue with both your hair mods and with others that I’ve tried.

    Below are a couple screenshots I’ve done trying to use this mod: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-okcrBafJJ94/UjIAgL2HFgI/AAAAAAAAAgg/sY_8F94Qm90/s1600/MassEffect3+2013-09-12+21-42-21-71.jpg

    Here is how it turns out for me:


    The same thing happens with any of your mods I’ve tried (I was attempting to use this one in the pictures because it mods Custom Cute instead of Allers hair and I didn’t want to mess up Allers. But Top Gorgeous is very similar in style and I’ve also tried a few others along these lines.)

    It looks like the textures aren’t applying? I’ve tried it using texmod, I’ve tried it using TPF tools, I’ve even tried it using the source upk/dds source files, all with the same result.

    Again this is happening with both your mods when I tried to use Allers hair in my savegame and with Kani’s hair mods.

    It’s happening in these screenshots (of the Citadel DLC obviously) but also in previous savegames that aren’t in DLCs.

    It hasn’t always been like this. The first couple times I modded my Shep’s hair, it was perfect. I used your mod Synthesis for most of my playthrough until I decided Shep was under too much stress to look that put together and wanted to go with something more disheveled :) The only issue I was having with your mods was that they were making my hair very dark brown, even when I was trying for a lighter brown tone, until this started after the end of the game.

    Any idea why this is happening?

    • Yes, the tpf files included in my mods only apply textures to Allers’ hair. Thus, if you’re using custom cute hairstyle, it won’t work – you have to create your own tpf for custom cute :)

      • Please also know that I’m not saying it’s a problem with YOUR mod. Clearly there is a problem with my game setup somehow (especially since I just discovered that your broshep hairs work just fine for me.) For some reason my game is not reading textures from ANY femshep hair mods, including yours. Mostly I was just posting here in the hopes that you know enough about the subject to help with a more generalized problem that impacts your mods, yes, but also others.

        But yeah. I’ve followed your instructions to the letter. I’ve followed the instructions for the other hair mods to the letter, too. Including all necessary (and appropriate to the source) changes to the savegame file. I’ve gone through every possibility mentioned in your troubleshooting section. And as you can see by that thread on Nexus, I’ve been trying to think outside the box for troubleshooting, also. Which is how I came up with the idea to see if it affected male and female sheps alike.

      • I think a lot of the problem with textures not applying these days is because of the fact that the modded textures being in DTX5 when the ProShort diff is in DTX1. Autofix on TPFTools isn’t reliable for solving that problem, which normally you would think, okay, fine, so let’s use Texmod. Except that wasn’t working either, for me.

        So I took matters into my own hands (with some help from me3deager and kinkojiro) and accomplished the following:

        1) I switched out the DTX1 ProShort diff for a DTX5 diff (the sexy one, which was right above it in PCC Editor 2.0.) That way, texplorer didn’t throw up any errors about trying to replace a DTX1 texture with DTX5.

        2) Just to make things REALLY SUPER DUPER plug-and-play (and give us the ability to essentially swap hair mods out at will) I packaged a number of them in DLCs. Now all one has to do is edit the savegame once and after that just take one DLC out and put another in whenever we want to change hairs mid-game.

        3) (Fixing a personal pet peeve of mine) I reverse-engineered the method kinkojiro recommended to solve issue #1 and applied it to meshes to replace the CustomCute mesh with ProJessica. So now we can use these ProJessica hair mods in CustomCute instead without getting any errors about having the wrong number of bones. Which means we no longer have to worry about conflicts with mods that change Allers’ appearance nor do we have to deal with the annoyance of having her look like a weird mutant creature (or even just copying out hairstyle) when we visit the cargo hold.

        I don’t plan to upload these to Nexus or anything unless all the authors of the various mods I re-packaged as DLCs want me to. But if you would like to download them to test and distribute them yourself, by all means, please do (just maybe give me a nod when you do.) You can grab them here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwKYIAAdvVtqQVdRUjQxOE0zaE0 (yours are the ones with GPG in the name, obviously.) I also included a document that is more an overview of what I did than an actual tutorial, because with my communication issues I don’t trust myself to write a tutorial that anyone else would find easy to follow.)

      • I never had problems with DXT5 before but I’m curious to see if that is the problem for the black skin – it’s weird because the hair texture mod doesn’t affect the neck skin at all, so I don’t know why that would be the issue, but thanks for doing all this work and sharing, I will definitely give it a try! :D

  10. ETA: I also wanted to clarify that I am applying the textures last when installing them using TPF/DDS tools, so they should overwrite anything conflicting, and it’s the only texture I’m loading when trying to load it in texmod so no conflicts there.

  11. Hmm. I’ll check that out. I can think of at least one mod here that has given me the black neck problem. I’ll do some testing.

    • Yep. It solved the neck-blackness problem for me. Or rather, I don’t have the neck blackness problem now, whereas I’ve always had it before. I suppose the solution could be in the fact that I’ve rebuilt my game and mods from the ground up a couple times since I last had it, but I don’t have it now, using one of my DLCs. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwKYIAAdvVtqWE9IbnZhSjY0RVk this is “Slowly” which is a hairstyle that has always given me trouble before (including after at least one rebuild.)

      • Thank you so much for providing the solution to this problem. I’ll convert Toyger using this method straight away.

  12. You’re welcome. It’s kinda complicated because there are a lot of different steps (making a DLC, making the custom textures for the DLC, and editing the PCC file) but unless and until I get permission to distribute the DLCs I’ve made, I can’t really share them with anyone but the mod authors and a few modders who were helping me.

    • Is the armor DLC the same as the hair making one? My game gets stuck on loading screen whenever I mess with the .pcc file so making an armor DLC would be nice but I’m not sure if it’s the same way :<

      • If you get stuck on the loading screen, you’re probably not updating your TOC file. You can do that by running TOCbinUpdater from ME3Explorer.

        But yes, the armor mods I’m releasing on Nexus (or soon will be) will work in a similar manner.

  13. So I finally got the mod working on my game. However it seems that no matter which hair style I choose they all seem to be the wrong hair color for my character. My character is blond, but almost all of them make her hair brunette. I’m not sure what’s wrong with it, but any insight would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have the black neck issue, but it sounded like someone else was having a similar problem to mine without any luck.

  14. Good news! I’ve cracked the color problem. It will be a while for me to redo all the hair DLCs, but I’ll be able to fix this issue. Gimme a couple weeks.

  15. I just cannot get any to work :/ maybe im following the instrucions wrong but they do look lovely. I wish there was an easier way to install them lol

  16. I’ve tried quite a few of your hair mods but, no matter which hair I select, I get a weird, metallic problem with Shepard’s face. It’s not a black neck. https://flic.kr/p/Jm3csE
    I’ve used a hair mod by another person without any issue and the mesh and texture of the hair seem to show up right. Is this an ordering issue within texmod?

  17. Hi, I was wondering f there is a fix for the black necks? I downloaded everything like the instructions…i even uninstalled and reinstalled the game…if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know. everything else works fine.

  18. Hi

    I’ve tried to follow the insctructions in the .txt file. Everything well so far ’till the step “8. Go to Tools > Tocbinupdater in ME3 Explorer.”
    Well, I don’t know what’s wrong or right but I have there “User Tools” and “Developer Tools”. None of them has the Tocbinupdater. Could you help me? Tnanks.

  19. I’ve followed the instructions too but these instructions no longer work because me3explorer has updated since then. Can you please update the instructions?

  20. Your hair mods are awesome. I’m putting together an improved character creator mod for Mass Effect 3 (better hair colour, skin tone, eye colour options, etc.) and extra hairstyles – selectable during character creation. At the moment I’m using other NPC styles, but would love to be able to use some of these, if that was okay with you? I would link to your site with full credit.

  21. Hi :)
    I just love your mods! They are so awsome, I’ve used a lot of them playing the original game. I have a question, if I may ask, are you going to create mods that will be useable in this new, legendary edition? I would love to try them out again. Thanks in advance :)

  22. I hope Toyger hair will be converted to LE at some point. Whoever created this hair is responsible for my complete inability to play ME 3 without them.

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