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Download all the Mass Effect Femshep armors and outfit mods




Download Raider – berserk shoulder plated armor

Download DOA – jacket without shirt outfit

Download Authority Glasses – mirrored aviator sunglasses

Download Pip Boy – Three Fallout Pip Boy equipped outfits for Mass Effect

Download Dom Zipped Retexture – fully zipped armor

Download Ava Outfit Recolors – different color scarf variations

Download Ava – combat tank top with scarf and goggles outfit

Download Space Cowboy – crop tank top with holsters outfit

Download Wedding Dress – white wedding dress outfit

Download Cropped Tank Top – crop tank top with dog tags outfit

Download Alliance White Skirt – white dress uniform and skirt outfit

Download Nightingale – Skyrim nightingale armor with red cape

Download EDI Armor Variants – different recolors of EDI outfit

Download Garrus and Tali Hoodies – hoodie recolors

Download Ice Ice Baby – ice white armor

Download Phoenix – flame red and black armor

Download N7 Adept – multiplayer armor for FemShep

Download Queen of the Nile – Samara Armor recolor

Download Samara Armor Variations – Samara recolors

Download Ashley Tunic Variations – Ashley outfit recolors

Download Ashley Armor Variations – Ashley armor recolors

Download Bling Reckoner Armor – galaxy glitter armor

Download Bling Dress – galaxy glitter dress outfit

Download Casual Flight Suit – flight suit with patches and medals outfit

Download Fancy Flight Suit – dress uniform with patches, medals, and insignia outfit

Download Dread Pirate – pirate themed armor

Download Blood Reckoner – Reckoner armor red recolor

Download Bling Dragon Armor – dragon armor with galaxy glitter

Download America Fuck Yeah – America themed armor

Download Bloody Stormtrooper – black and white with blood stain armor

Download Aria Alliance – Aria outfit

Download Kabuki – dragon embroidered asian themed armor

Download Miranda – Miranda black bodysuit armor


  1. Is there ANY way you can do a tutorial for those who DONT know how to do a DDS file replacement? I can’t use any of these because there’s no instructions.

  2. i noticed that you’ve put up a tutorial for importing hair mods, but could you do a walkthrough on how to install armour mods and a little slower so we can actually see what files your putting them in cosi felt the other walkthrough was a little rushed?

    • Yes please! I’ve started to understand the whole concept of modding from your tutorial and have gotten the hair down (even though I’m still having a problem with it looking blocky?) but the outfits are another story. I can see that the outfit is on my Shep BUT in pieces, and she’s still wearing her default armor. It’s a weird mash up of the two. Some parts of her body (like her neck) are also blanked out. I’m sure it’s a mess problem or I’m not getting rid of the old outfit first (or replacing) but there are no instructions on how to do so and I’m lost! Thanks!

  3. hey, i’ve made recolours of the ashley tunics for my own personal use

    would you have any objections to me posting screenshots of these on my tumblr account?

  4. hi
    is there any way you wrap your awesome mods in some kind of dlc? so we could just copy/paste and enjoy them? too lazy to learn modding and stuff=))

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