• Yup, absolutely! The Salarian Infiltrator was my favorite character for a long time :) I’ll probably get to it at the end of the week after I do the Volus and Turian builds for the new DLC

      • Annihilation field does not need damage, because enemies are not sitting in the field long enough for it to do much of anything, usually you will combo immediately.

        Dark Channel does not need duration or slow. You will be resetting it all the time, it rarely times out. You also want enemies next to each other so the DC can hop, and DC already staggers causing them to lag behind.

        Throw radius really helps make combos happen more often. And recharge speed at the end is just not worth it time wise, throw is already super fast. Take the extra damage & force.

  1. Character help, I just bought Mass Effect 3 and was wondering how a build works on the non online version of the game. I mean playing throught the storyline or is it the same as the multiplayer for powers and such?

  2. Build suggestion, what do you all suggest for a starting player build wise to get her feet wet as ive not done much when it comes to third person shooters style game?

  3. I would really like to see a Turian Ghost Infiltrator build from you, if that is at all possible. The Turian Havoc soldier would be cool too.

  4. I think your Multiplayer Character Build guides are wonderful, especially as a new player and knowing why to pick what powers (love the math examples). I hope you will post some more builds soon! Geth Engineer? Ex-Cerberus Adept? N7 Fury? Thanks!

  5. Is it okay for you do do a human vanguard build? It’s a flimsy character, but I played with him once on gold, IT IS INCREDIBLE in damage, especially against banshee and phantoms. Is that okay for you?

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