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Kaidan Armor Variants

On March 2, 2014
  Kaidan Alenko Armor Variants It is my firm belief that Kaidan is one of the most under-appreciated team mates in the whole ME franchise, so here is some love for the poor guy :) Download here!

Dangerous Kaidan

On March 2, 2014

Dangerous Kaidan Mod Kaidan has seen some shit.  He's a Spectre now and a BAMF.  And he wants you to know it.  Added eyebrow/eye scar, chest scar, darker 5 o'clock.

Garrus Holo Armor

On March 2, 2014

Garrus Holo Armor Give Garrus some glow with some built-in tech armor.  Comes in glowing red, blue, or combination (red and blue, like 3D glasses - not pictured).  Also replaces.

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