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Garrus Holo Armor



Garrus Holo Armor

Give Garrus some glow with some built-in tech armor.  Comes in glowing red, blue, or combination (red and blue, like 3D glasses – not pictured).  Also replaces Garrus’ armor mesh with Victus’ mesh.

Download here!

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  1. So I wondered, would one be able to replace Garrus’ armor with the one Victus is wearing? I have zero knowledge of modding but I would love to see Garrus in something that’s not blue…

      • So, say I replace Garrus’ mesh with Victus’ – if I’m going to find the pcc, that is (as I said, total noob) – would I still need Victus’ texture? Sorry for the all the questions, but I really don’t know anything about all that jazz, except for how to replace Shep’s outfits, and that’s just thanks to your tutorial!

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