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Top 6 Best Pokemon Go hacks, cheats, tips, and tricks … so far


Ok, so like every other person in the first world, my life consists of only Pokemon Go right now. In my efforts to be the very best, like no one ever was, I’ve discovered quite a few hacks and cheats that I thought I’d share with you to help you level up faster and catch more Pokemon!

Perfect your pokeball throw and get “excellent” throws every time

The “SinaThrow” is magical. It makes it easier for you to catch those pesky flying Pokemon like Zubats AND helps you get “excellent” or “great” throws to earn more XP!


Use Pokemon Go Controller to navigate the map without ever leaving your couch

For all you lazies out there, here’s a hack that lets you control your character in Pokemon Go without ever setting foot outside and accidentally getting some exercise (even though the walking part is half the fun, IMHO). Yes, that’s right – a Pokemon Go controller hack FOR REAL. You have to have some basic GitHub knowledge and experience with coding to use it though. Good luck!


Find out where to catch all the rare Pokemon in your city

I’m lucky enough to live in New York City, where everything is a hop, skip, or subway ride away. While it’s fun to walk around and get attacked by random Pokemon, sometimes you’re just on a mission to get that MewTwo. You can use the PokieGo map to see what types of Pokemon spawn in your city and where. For example, there are shit tons of rattatas all over NYC (figures) and some Charmanders in the Museum of Natural History (naturally!).

Note: PokieGo is currently down, but is expected to be back up shortly.

Hatch eggs in your sleep

Turn on your wi-fi, kids! When you’re connected to wi-fi, your iPhone triangulates your positioning by sending snapshots to Apple. That means your position changes a little each time, which means your character walks around the map without you ever having to move. I sat at work for an hour and “walked” 0.94 kilometers – results will vary based on your wi-fi, I think. If you leave the game on all night connected to wi-fi, your eggs will basically hatch themselves while you sleep.

Earn 5,000 XP in 30 minutes

Find a spot with a bunch of Pokestops clustered together – if you live in NYC, Battery Park is the BEST place to go for Pokemon. Central Park is for n00bs. Launch 4-5 lure modules (if you’re lucky, other people will already be in the park and you can mooch off their lure modules!). Also use an incense on your own character, as well as a Lucky Egg (doubles your EXP for 30 minutes). You’ll get 5-6 Pokemon attacks per lure, 100-500 XP per Pokemon, 50 XP per Pokestop, and in thirty minutes, you can have around 5,000 XP easy – if not more! Here are all the points XP you can get:

Bonus points if you’ve got a bunch of eggs to hatch with your Lucky Egg! Super mega bonus points if you’ve saved up a bunch of character candies, and are able to evolve several Pokemon while you’re on your Lucky Egg!

Turn off AR and prevent Pokemon from running away

AR makes for some great screencaps, but if your goal is to catch ‘em all, you’ll want to turn off AR. The reason for this is in AR, you have to keep the camera pointing at the Pokemon or they might run away. If you turn off AR, you get rid of the risk of this happening. Of course, they could still run away, but at least it won’t be your own damn fault :)

Ok, those are best hacks and tips I have that I haven’t really seen anywhere else on the numerous Pokemon Go articles out there. If you have any more, let me know in comments! I’ll keep adding to this list as I discover the new ones … til then, happy hunting!

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  1. Oi! It’s been a long time Girl! :D Couldnt care less about this Pokemon thingie but it is good to see that youre alive and kickin! XD Hows life dealing with you nowadays oh Fearless Amazon of the Big Apple? XD

    • Thanks! I know I’ve been so busy with work, I haven’t had any time to do real gaming in months :( How are things with you?

  2. I reposted this in a facebook group of mine, but i removed the first part about never leaving home with the controller… Walking is an integral part of the game. LoL. Gave you credits. awesome post.

    • LOL thanks – I totally agree, walking is the immersive part, why wouldn’t you just play the original Pokemon games if you didn’t want to walk haha!

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