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Fallout 4: Best Mods of Week 13 – many mods for manly men


Finally, someone has ported Geralt’s armors into Fallout 4! So hot right now. Also, I’m all about slutty mods for females turning into slutty mods for males this week, hehehe. Hope you appreciate a little man cleavage and objectification of men this week :D

Girlplaysgame’s Top Fallout 4 Mods: Week 13


Witcher Geralt’s Prologue Armors

YASSSS this mod adds two of Geralt’s outfits to Fallout 4. One is the badass black armor/chainmail set and the other is the flowy white romance novel cover blouse hehehe. Both are awesome. The mod also includes a wolf mask and working crossbow!

Fallout4 2016-02-10 19-50-56-49

Courser X-92 Power Suit male add-on

I’m so glad someone turned this CBBE female mod into a men’s outfit. So sleek. And if you’re not into the man cleavage shown above, there’s also a zipped up version. Also, there is the Slooty Vaultsuit male add-on, which is basically using the same mesh but gives you a blue and yellow vaultsuit instead.

Fallout4 2016-02-10 20-20-03-05


Smoking in Fallout 4

Ok, kids, smoking isn’t cool. Let’s pretend that this is an e-cig. JK, vaping isn’t cool, either. But you have to admit, this mod makes for some sexy screenshots!

Fallout4 2016-02-10 20-32-12-78

Valentine Reborn

Nick Valentine is hands down my favorite follower and this mod makes him much more HD. You can also choose what eye color you want him to have. I dig it.

Fallout4 2016-02-10 20-28-38-53

Beantown Interiors – The Mad Bombers Workshop

For all you pyromaniacs out there, this mod adds a crafting bench for explosives and bombs. The perfect addition to any mad scientist’s home!

Well, those are my top picks for Week 13! Follow me on Facebook if you want to get updated for Week 14 and beyond :)  Oh, and if you like Fallout 4 and Skyrim screenarchery, follow my Instagram account to get your daily dose of awesome screenshots.

Got any favorite mods yet? Let me know in comments and I’ll check them out!

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